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This one is going to take off and build momentum quickly.
Right. I'm sure the corrupt president will abide by his oath of office on this matter...2nd amendment is to keep corrupt government in check and protection of self and property. NOT hunting rights. But too many have become comfortable with the destruction of our Bill of Rights and civil liberties. That's what blind devotion to party leads to. If you were anti Bush then you SHOULD be anti Obama. 
This President is quite arrogant.  He will ignore the will of the people and do what he wants.  He believes that he knows better than everyone else.
+Alisa Fletcher do you really want to try and have a discussion is civics with someone who is as intellectually challenged as +tareem heath .  I mean, you may as well argue with a housecat.
+Brent Alexander no, he just showed his lack of intelligence with that last statement and proved my point of blind obedience. 
+Brent Alexander I think arguing with a housecat would be more productive.   +tareem heath probably orders his Big Mac using f-bombs if his posts are any indicator.  Debating him with facts and substance is like trying to reason with the homeless man screaming at the fire hydrant because it stole his fig newtons.
+Alisa Fletcher I just noticed a post from the genius +tareem heath who said "keep the gun-fks out of the debate!"  How American.   How open minded.  Tareem decides the issue and tells you to shut up. 
+tareem heath when logic and sound reason fail-resort to foul language. That is very childish and discredits you on everything else. It's a disservice to yourself and does not reflect at all on the people you aim it towards. You should also study up on how to debate properly. Think for yourself and stop mimicking talking points from the nightly news. You do know what the Bill of Rights is I hope. 
+tareem heath It's not so much the words but lack of substance or legitimate debate.   You've decided that guns are bad.  Fine, don't buy one.   But stop trying to interfere with the rights of others to keep and bear arms simply because you've made a personal decision not to own a gun.  Since you live in DC, you can't own one anyway.   And how's that gun ban working out there in our nation's capitol?   Not well, I hear.  
I wish he would, but good luck with that. But "shun"? I can't decide if the writer of the petition was Amish or Charlie the Unicorn.
+tareem heath Gnfks again?   So all of us law abiding citizens are responsible?   You sir are ignorant as all hell.  
+Ken Carlos I mistakingly gave him credit for too much intelligence. I tried. Spoke to him like a human. Quite a different response from him. He clearly does not have the ability to carry on a reasonable conversation. Every one of my neighbors owns a gun and I have NEVER feared them. Ever! He supports a criminal and wants to restrict the law abiders. You really can't argue with stupid. 
+Alisa Fletcher +tareem heath is a typical liberal.   No substance, just hate and emotion without reason.   He's even worse than your garden variety liberal.  He doesn't even respond, he just hurls an f-bomb like it's "case closed" because Tareem says so.   Don't waste your time.  This is the modern liberal:  their way or you are a %^&$##$%%%$$  and a %$$*^%&$#!!!  Idiot.
The only reason liberals oppose guns is that they hate to see the criminals they coddle being killed by citizens daring to have the chutzpah to defend their own lives. 
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