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And how well are students doing at learning? Since Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education we have poured lurid amounts of other peoples' money on the barren fields of public education. In every metric of public education the results have been lower performance or a flatline.
The libtards have turned a once great education system into government run indoctrination centers masquerading as schools. Sending your kids to these schools is child abuse. 
Let them get paid for results. Test the students they teach and pay them according to the outcome with a few exceptions. They're already overpaid
My wife was a teacher for 10 years.   She was a good teacher but got sick of the parents (or parent-singular/other "caregiver") who didn't give a damn that their kid was failing or a classroom malignancy.  So I love teachers.  But by and large, teachers and their slimy union is there to feather their nests whether they are doing a good job or not.  And I'm sorry, $100K a year for a bachelor's degree and 9 months of work is too much.   And if it's "not enough" for you then go do something.  When you are employed by the people who pay taxes, you get to take what they will pay. 
My sister-in-law, a life long professional with the equivalent of a Ph.D. (not in 'education') had similar parental experiences. But first, as always, we need to throw lawyers out of schools, especially the ACLU. Then the unions should be brought to heal. I know it's an important job. And because it is it should only be done by the competent. Others harm children and discourage colleagues. And it is the only job with EVERY holiday off w/ pay and a week in February, April and an entire summer and a day that ends in early afternoon. Lots of folks do important jobs with longer hours, less vacation for equal pay or less than these
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