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Ron, come on Ron - I was just starting to like you.
That was no doubt posted by some douche-canoe pacifist "social media expert". 

It's sad, but Paul's problem has always been his unwillingness to distance himself from loons who are entranced by one or another aspect of his platform who don't understand the rest of it.
His foreign policy and stance on interventionism has always been THE ONE issue I have had with him. However it is huge enough for me to have not voted for him. 
I am a libertarian and usually lean further right than Paul in Repub's Party...I NEVER followed or supported this man's antics. Unfortunately, a whole lot of my supporters and blog readers are Ron Paul libertarians...
Dr. Paul, please check on your interns, someone's gone rogue.
This POS calls himself a Libertarian. He's as Libertarian as the asshole that crapped on the cop car at OWS.
Ron Paul has always struck me as rather creepy.
I never trusted this guy...he's so anti-war at times, sounded too much as a RINO, but his anti-U.S.Treasury and Reserves was his key support among Libertarians...
How disingenuous and hypocritical it is to benefit from the safety that men like Chris Kyle provide and then disparage the man who who helps provide the safety that allows you to be that hypocrite.  Despicable!! 
We have a crazy guy kill a hero and that's' all Ron Paul can say? He can say that because of heros like Chris Kyle!!! R I P chief Kyle...
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