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Either you agree with "the One" or you are a racist, hateful, gun nut, extremist hell-bent on throwing Granny into the snow and children into a woodchipper.   Thanks again, low-info voters and deadbeats!
"Either you agree with "the One" or you are a racist, hateful, gun nut, extremist hell-bent on throwing Granny into the snow and children into a woodchipper."

Who specifically and by name has made that claim, +Ken Carlos?

Answer: Nobody. What you've done is provide yet anther example of your favorite tactic: the straw man argument. You invent a viewpoint out of whole cloth, attribute it to some conveniently unnamed "they", and dismiss it -- all without any reference to reality.

Well done, liar!
+Francis Moran +Jeff Brown Oh good gravy, he's back.  Read the speech, Brownie.  Just like dozens of op eds on both sides said:  Obama's speech was to his base and a call to arms; either you are with him or you are a bad person.  I'm not going to help you process information.   I know that young libbos are used to following blindly so it's likely you are incapable of independent thought.  Enjoy your next four years of misery, hate-filled speeches, restriction of liberties, etc at the hands of a Boy King;  a man who has accomplished nothing unique or novel but winning elections.
+Ken Carlos

"Read the speech, Brownie."

I did.

At no point did Obama say anything that could be construed as espousing the imaginary viewpoint you describe above.

You're a liar, Kenny. Lying really is your only mode of expression.
“For generations, presidents have used inaugural addresses to unite the nation by reaffirming our democratic traditions and touching on broad aspiration themes,. “Disappointingly,  Obama chose to deliver a harshly ideological, aggressively partisan speech more appropriate for the campaign trail than for the solemn occasion of his inaugural ceremony.” 
+ImpeachOmama2014: Are you trying to prove something? If so, be specific. What is this conveniently unsourced quote supposed to prove?  
+Francis Moran:

You accuse Obama of "international apologies" and "domestic destruction". I'm challenging you to provide factual evidence for those claims.

And I already know that you are going to run away from that challenge. You don't have the courage to discuss facts. 

I'm laughing my ass off at you, Francine. You are the poster boy for gutless, mindlessly angry #wingnuts  with no intellectual integrity, no reasoning ability, and no power to do a damn thing but sit on your fat ignorant ass and spew lies.
+Jeff Brown Just how stupid are you?  Is there a level of stupid heretofore never achieved by the greatest morons of all time?  
+Ken Carlos

"Just how stupid are you?"

Not stupid enough to fall for your lies, Kenny. I should have thought you'd figured that out by now. Alas, I overestimated your mental abilities once again.
Why did President Obama barely mention unemployment in his inaugural address? After all, today’s jobless rate, 7.8 percent, is precisely what it was when Obama first took the oath of office in January 2009. It’s even worse; if you combine the unemployed with those who are working part-time but want a full-time job, and those who have been too discouraged to look recently, the figure is 14.4 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Chuck Todd: It was a robust defense of a lot of progressive ideals in a way, and, yes, you heard pragmatic pieces to the speech saying, you know, we’re not going to get everything we want, things like that, we do need to learn to compromise. It was pretty clear that he was defending government and defending progressivism in a way that you didn’t always hear on the campaign trail, frankly.
+ImpeachOmama2014 Don't waste your time.  +Jeff Brown is a postal worker, on the govt teat and likes providing godawful service for his unrealistic retirement program, excessive benefits and outrageously high pay--all at your expense.   He doesn't think or listen. He is there to guard the teat for himself.
Note carefully that +Ken Carlos still hasn't produced any factual evidence for his claims.
Of course you are here to amuse me, +Ken Carlos. It's always amusing to find a big, strong, uber-macho Rill Murkin who makes big tough noises about his guns and his willingness to use them... but who can't seem to find enough backbone to participate in an honest, fact-based discussion. You're effing hilarious.
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