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if the government can have assault weapons, then Americans should have assault weapons. now that's fair.
The best anti-gun law would be to keep military assault weapons out of the hands of Eric Holder and the Obama admin. The gov't killed more than any one I know. women and children, too. Fast & Furious anyone?
New York would be the last place I would go for anything. They voted for him, they can face the consequence. Bring that crap to Utah though and there will be hell to pay.
We SHOULD demand strict enforcement of the 2nd Amendment and declare all gun laws void!

Two can play at this extremism-game!
Of course, he will be "controlling" the weapons of HIS security detail? I just know the gangs throughout New York will be rushing to turn in their weapons. If this moon bat fertilizer salesman was truly interested in controlling "assault weapons" he'd wrest the gavels from the hands of politicians. More crime has been committed with those offensive weapons. 
The real target of the whole ban on “assault weapons” are against the people who want to own guns and believe in their Constitutional rights.
Again, liberal democrats think law-abiding Americans are the problem.  
Just thrilled I don't in that wasteland of taxes and liberal lunacy.
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