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NRA President David Keene on UN arms treaty: “The president and his people will tell [you] it does not affect the rights of the people of the U.S. It does. It requires an international registry of firearms. It charges all signatory countries to set up a regime of firearms ownership and registration in their country consistent with the treaty.”
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i say the best thing to say to obama and goons, is go to hell. there's nothing you can do to take our guns. we had the right to have our guns before you came along and we will have the right after you are gone.
The Constitution trumps all treaties, and it still has to be ratified by the US Senate.  This is nothing more than alarmism.
+Ted Goodridge We were all told it was "alarmism" when we said Obama would unveil a gun control agenda in his second term, too...
You people need to learn how to read - its for the exportation of guns.   If you sell guns outside of the USA border you have to be registered.  It has nothing to do with owning guns domestically.   sheesh.
it means buy guns when you can, hide them for future use.  plus ammo. 
the un small arms treaty doesn't stop you from going into cabelas and buying a gun.  just sayin'
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