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Do you really wanna go with that one? What about the demtards,  which make a good portion of this country, they seem to care about homosexuals.. Politicians seem to feel that if they pretend to care, demtards will vote for them..Most (real)( Libertarians feel all individuals should be treated equally.  This would encompass homosexuals and any other human being. So to say no one  cares is pretty inaccurate.   You cared enough to wonder if a muslim person had a homosexual disease.  
Sorry not gay.  But if I was I wouldn't be ashamed to admit it.  Are you a closet homo? Its ok if you are. A lot of people who  so energetically oppose homosexuals often turn out being closet homos. So what if gays aren't normal.  Only "normal" people get to be treated as human beings? What about people who have mental or health issues, do they not deserve to be treated with dignity. They certainly aren't "normal".  I agree that homosexuals get way to much attention. But many christians and people who are intolerant of gays, homophobes or whatever you want to call this behavior make it easy for the demagogues on the left to play the emotional card to the sheep.  This makes it harder for the more rational and logical arguments from the "right" to be acknowledged.  Like fiscal conservatism. Christians in a way are their own worst enemies. They consistently allow themselves to be social engineered by the media and the left in to being made out as the bad guy..  I know you aren't bad people but that's the image you are getting for your intolerance for the 2%. I don't disagree that strong family values would do this country some good, but you are insinuating that only chritians or religious folk have the capacity to raise families with strong moral integrity. There are tens of thousands of examples to prove this theory wrong  And what would make someone even wonder if some dude from another country had a homosexual disease when he died.  That's kind of creepy Homosexuality on your mind much? lol do you really want to keep digging.  .  
Typical. You have nothing of any intelect to offer so you default to name calling. Just as bad as the demtards. Lol so much for your christian values eh. Your insults are juvenile at best. Seriously heard better from middle school students. You should change your profile pic as you like like a pedofile. Tough words over the internet. Doubt you'd have the courage in person. Just Another internet tough guy. 
Hmmmm, someone appears to have removed their comments.
Hmmmm, someone appears to have removed their comments.
I guess so. Oh well wasn't much of discussion anyway
Ha, now I somehow posted mine twice!
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