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Water boarding is more psychological warfare, not torture like Al Quaida does pulling out tongues and fingernails. 
No. And to say our form of torture is better is shameful. We should never stoop and degrade ourselves and our morals in the name of justice because that is not justice. It only corrodes the definition of justice until the true meaning is lost on everyone and we've all converted to barbarism. The people fighting against terror should be careful and not become the new terrorists.
+Alisa Fletcher Here's a question.  Suppose one of these terrorists had information on an attack that would kill your family, just so that it's not so abstract.  Do you make him uncomfortable and get the information, knowing you've done no permanent damage, or do you sacrifice the lives of your family to make your moral stand?  Because honestly, if you would trade the lives of your family for the comfort of a terrorist just to stand on some theoretical moral high ground yourself, I submit that that makes you more of a monster than he is.  And if you wouldn't trade your family but you would trade the lives of people you don't know, say my family, that says something too...

It's nice to think that life is black and white, it makes things a lot easier.  But reality rarely is.  Sometimes hard decisions are necessary.  And the emotional, feel-good response is rarely the correct response.
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