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Most of the same people who will support Brown for this decision will chastise Hobby Lobby for it's decision not to cover contraception.  Personally, I disagree with both decisions, but I support the freedom of both, as private institutions, to do as they choose.
There's the rub;  liberals want us to accept/pay for/endorse/approve/etc of their lifestyle choices.   I could give a fat jakker what people do with their lives but dammit, I'm tired of paying for it.  
Where does +Ken Carlos get the strange idea that student health insurance at Brown is paid for by taxpayers? Brown is a private school, and students pay for their own insurance to the tune of more than $2800 a year.

It took five minutes for me to find those facts. +Ken Carlos was too lazy to do that. It's soooo much easier being an ignorant #wingnut , isn't it, Kenny? 
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