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"If you are a small business, you have no idea what’s going to happen with your health care costs, your taxes, and all the other regulations. The second is the sort of intrusiveness of all of this, and the fact that it really hurts small business who don’t have the lawyers and the accountants, and the sharp — the former legislators who can work your way around the regulations.”
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Krauthammer picks and chooses when to complain about something being unconstitutional
My health insurance premiums are only going up $275/month this year. I'm sure that without Dear Leader's gracious intervention in the healthcare industry, they would have gone up eleventy bazillion, at least.
When did he last ignore something? He's seemed to be pretty right, most of the time...
+Alfredo Delgado Yeah, that's the design of ObamaCare: make the health insurance IMPOSSIBLE to do, so you MUST rely on the government.

This guy uses regulation to get his way like an art form. I understand TWENTY SIX AGENCIES have SWAT teams now, like the FDA and the's a theme.
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