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I think Joe has been spending too much time with Mika.
I think anything keeping more guns out of the hands of trained, tested, non-criminal, non-insane people is bad government.
The man is on a network with no ratings. Why repeat anything he says?
Annoyed with gun-grabbers who claim their agenda is "common sense" to avoid having to defend it. 
Does it matter at this point? Win lose or draw the republicans will always be at blame. Might as well use that standing to do what's right

I like my guns, and would like to buy more, maybe even my kids when they get a little older.
Scarborough is dead from the neck up.
The only "common sense", and constitutional, gun control reform is to repeal everything back to the National Firearms Act of 1936. The Founders were exceptionally clear in the 2nd Amendment and Federalist Papers on what our God given rights are in this matter - to have at our disposal all of the terrible implements of war, so as to have the means to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government.
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