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"Essentially, Obama has achieved the same relationship with the press and the media and public information that the Soviet Communist Party had to jam radio transmissions and smash printing presses to achieve. Essentially these guys are volunteering to do for him what they had to be coerced into doing most self-respecting countries, and I think that’s the real issue here.”
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The Fourth Estate became the Fifth Column five years ago, when treasonous journ"O"lists worked hand-in-glove with the Obama regime to make him president. The journ"O"lists targeted those who criticized Obama and coordinated vicious personal attacks against them. The journ"O"lists suppressed news deemed harmful to Obama and schemed to prevent the truth about his past from coming out. Their control over what many Americans saw and read gave Obama, in effect, the presidency. And it's only gotten worse.

BTW, the "O" in journ"O"list stands for "O"bama. <--Sick

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