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Should we be paranoid about sharing such information as our organ-donor status on Facebook? Or is this initiative all-good with your privacy concerns? Let's hear it.
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I don't use FB, but I don't want to share on the internet whether or not I'm an organ donor. I'm not being paranoid, but am old school so I see no reason to share such private information.
The only people who know whether or not I'm an organ donor are people who check my license when I enter a bar. There might be a day when an EMT needs to know that, too. And that's fine for me.
It would be pretty wild if you list yourself as a liver donor and you get murdered by someone who's on the short list for a liver.
must always be wary of the dark side.
What does this have to do with staying connected with friends or colleagues? How does this help me know what's going on in the world, find the next career opportunity, or connect me with new ideas? Is this some new form of social gaming? What is so 'social' about sharing your organ donor status? Perhaps it just feeds into the narcissistic personalities that have 500+ 'friends' on Facebook. Another bad idea it seems.
+Newsweek and The Daily Beast There is one potential upside, but I don't think that Facebook should be the vehicle for it: ease of communication. But if I go to a hospital and die, this is the sort of information that is useful to medical professionals not some random people I met in Paris whose impression that I'm a cool dude is confirmed by my organ donor status. Furthermore, it would be a means for say, my family or close friends, to communicate that information to the hospital, EMT, or whomever: I'm thinking of a chat or messaging function here.

This sort of information should be available in a streamlined national medical database/e-communication system: the sort of thing that would require the political will to overhaul and modernize what is probably the most wasteful healthcare system in the world. My issue is not necessarily the idea that a private corporation is handling this information: it is the idea that Facebook which has a poor record of insuring privacy is handling this information. Just to be clear, Google+ is not an appropriate place either. In either case, ease of communicating information, +1; living in a nation whose citizens and their leaders can no longer address important issues as adults, -1.
I support this issue and welcome to help our sisters and brothers. 
I'm not and will never be a donor, nor will I make my status public about what I'm doing, it's even in the French news. My status would be shared among family and friends
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If you live in New Jersey, you might be paranoid about organs changing hands.
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