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She was the love of Bobby Jr.’s life. Then everything unraveled. In this week's Newsweek, bestselling Kennedy historian Laurence Leamer reveals the heartbreaking story of Mary Kennedy’s long decline, including:

The account of the couple’s longtime housekeeper, who recalls Mary’s self-destructive drinking habit, her depression in the days leading up her suicide—and tells how she and Bobby discovered Mary dead in the estate’s barn.

Details from Bobby Jr.’s sealed divorce affidavit, which contains allegations that Mary physically abused him, stole personal items from him and his children, ran over the family’s dog in the driveway, and repeatedly threatened to kill herself.

An interview with Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Gunderson, who had met Mary and believes she had a textbook case of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Read it online and the iPad today, on newsstands tomorrow.

On the site:

On the iPad:
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That family gives the word dysfunctional a new meaning.
I quess media hoped that she would commit suicide so they would have something to write about.
I meant that media need victims to be able to profit. They don't care about the individual in question and how the news might hurt that person. No, misery, scandals and death do sell. And people want that kind of news so they can get their own lives in perspective. Her suicide earned media a lot of money - and few in these media companies are unhappy about those well earned money.
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