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"We don’t get a free pass on bad behavior simply because it takes place in a digital environment or is associated with technology."

Is this true?
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Jon Dye
Depends on whether or not a crime was committed, depends on if the crime was victimless.

Personally, I don't care how other people act on the internet as long as they don't try and tell me how to act.

d s
+Newsweek and The Daily Beast great article and I'm quite guilty of resorting to insult when the discussion falls below my self-serving expectations.
Bad monkey.
Much like people in the "real world" get free passes for bad behavior, it extends to the internet.  On the internet however, you can delete a profile and start over once you've trolled a particular forum or site.  So yes, people get free passes all the time and its easier to obtain said free pass on the internet because no one can see your face.  Sad but true.
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