Happy Birthday +Sara Ringer (@Sara_Ringer)!!
May you have a great day and an even better year!

I wanted to wish a very happy birthday to +Sara Ringer!!! If you dont know how Sara is... Well, she's a HERO! She's a fellow #Crohns , #Colitis , and #IBD  Advocate who has done amazing things for the cause!

I've been following Sara for a while now and not only does she bring a high level of awareness and education around everything she does, but she knows how to bring the funny with it too! I greatly enjoy all of her content and always look forward to when she does a new video or blog post. 

If you haven't followed Sara before, you can find her here:

Blog: http://goo.gl/vT2Cd
+YouTube : http://goo.gl/NoYzS
Facebook : http://goo.gl/tu9kH

Thank you Sara for everything you do!! You work with IBD is inspiring, hopeful, and amazing! 
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Happy Birthday Sara.  I am a fellow Crohns survivor as well.
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