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“I'm being handed a piece of paper, and it is a napkin. This is blank. No wait, it's, wait, it is a tear stained napkin. This is a napkin soaked with liberal tears.

That can mean only one thing. Ladies and gentlemen, The Colbert Report i
s ready to project that CNN has projected that Animal Planet has predicted that the winner of the 2012 presidential election is Barack Obama.” – Stephen Colbert

Watch last night's LIVE episode:
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Brono Bama knows ur pr0n history & so would've Romney. LOok up Fusion Centers, & if you really wanna freak out look up NDAA bill (americans can be taken away without trial or due process and murdered.) God help this country, they both supported it. 
Damn! We elected a Harvard grad, again.
Sal P
Hi Stephen Colbert!
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