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The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will be streaming LIVE tonight at 11pm ET/8pm PT on, Xbox 360 consoles, iOS and Android enabled devices, and our very own Daily Show Headlines App! #CCelection  
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Now that is Election Night Coverage I would watch!
I caught it last time - it was great!
Whatever happened to the puppets making crank calls?
+Tom Webb Pretty sure its photoshopped. Cobert is like 8 inches taller then Stewart
+Aysha BuKhammas , actually....  I was wrong.  3 hours and 40 minutes from NOW.  I forgot that the US has gone back to standard time.  I live in Taiwan.  
All the comedy central videos are region locked to the US. Viacom owns them and sells the rights to play this stuff on local channels, etc.
+Robert Bone , no they are not locked to the US.  They are locked out to regions where they have a cable presence.  I can watch all the videos here in Taiwan since there is no Comedy Central here in Taiwan.
ah, I see. thanks for that, I was sure it was locked out everywhere, my mistake
So wel all have to spoof a proxy to watch? Ok then.
+Marc Roelofs , or use a free VPN service.  I happen to use a pay VPN service to place my system in the US so I can use Netflix and Hulu and other services which are blocked for me in Taiwan.
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