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"Holy cow! My sister is running for Congress!" -- Stephen Colbert

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Does she contain unbiased "truthiness"??
This is exactly the blatant media-beltway conflict of interest that Colbert has long needed in order to falsely claim his total lack of personal bias and thus secure himself forever in the highest eschelon of political pundits. Congratulations on your win, Stephen!
They really look alike.

Good luck, Lulu!
+Dennis Johnson Your psychic -1 has forevermore seared its way into the stygian abyss which would otherwise hold my heart if indeed I were foolish enough to mistakenly procure such a notoriously fragile and bothersome organ.

If ever this eternal state of misery you have heaped upon me causes you any undue discomfort, please accept my sympathies and - if you would so deign - re-read my original comment in the apparently confusingly obvious context in which it was intended.  That is, addressing the Colbert Report character and not the actor-comedian. ;) 
I think Capricia is fully aware of Colbert's act, and was claiming that now he can add another "nuance" to his persona, that of the "falsely claiming he has no personal stake" pundit.
+Dennis Johnson  You are absolved.  Now go, and sin no more.

And by that I mean loan me $500 without asking questions.  >.>
+Ryan Reed Yes, she would have to be packed with unbiased truthiness.  I also think that she would bring the pleasant, yet unknown smell of "factuality" to the stuffy, mold-ridden room that is known as Congress. 

Go get 'em girl.
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