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"RNC Chair Reince Priebus -- fun fact, his name is an anagram for 'Penis Rice-A-Roni.'" -- Stephen Colbert

Full episode:
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And I damn near spit coffee on my monitor.
lmao at those who checked. 
I love that people are paid to research such things. I want that job.
+Nathan Hart
But Nathan Hart IS an anagram for Ah, than rant. (AKA, has no sense of humor...which has a lot more letters in it.)
one of the gop's boogie men
I always call him "Rinse Priapus".
Would be funnier if it was actually true.
It's funny even if it isn't true. Since when has the truth stopped anyone from representing things as true?
Colbert has plenty of funny material. This just isn't any of it. I don't even know who this dude is he is making fun of. The funny is just missing is all.

More wit and funny please. Thank you. 
Colbert has an easy job: These ultra-right-wing republicans have their heads so far up their asses that you could just show people an unedited picture of these morons and people will break out in laughter. What's no laughing matter is that these loonies run the country.
Yeah, but the Google+ post has no background with it. If you are going to make a post, make it worth a shit.

So basically, unless you have already watched the show, it's pointless.
And like I said before. The fact that it doesn't even come close as an anagram makes it weak sauce. 
Just walk up to anyone on the street and say the words "penis rice-a-roni" and a good majority of them will laugh. No context needed. It's just funny. (Unless, of course, you're an uptight jerk.)
Just funny to who?

Grade schoolers?


People with a low IQ?

Lots of stupid people think lots of stupid things are funny.
"Penis rice-a-roni" sounds like something Jeffrey Dahmer would be eating for dinner.
Wow is all I can say lololllololol
Some people really like to take their comedy seriously.
Somehow, the second name still sounds less bizarre.
Didn't even watch it I'm sure.

Be done. Be dumb. See if I care. 
Yes, I'm dumb but you think a stand up comedian making fun of women is funny and one of the best satirists of our generation isn't funny. Isn't there an Andrew Dice Clay tape in your VCR you should be watching or something?
What? You think everything Colbert does is pure gold? Get over it.

Watch the video you fuckin' prude. 
The only guys who would not laugh at that video have had their nuts removed by their women. 
Or....people who stopped laughing at stereotypes and fart jokes in high school. Are you still in high school? That would explain a lot. If not...
Wait what? According to your logic, Colbert just lost a lot of his funny.


This is awesome.

Humor. It's serious fuckin business. 
LOL. I'm in high school. You cracked the code. Buahahahahahaha! Right, because high schoolers really identify with that sort of material. My guess is you still didn't watch it or your significant other (if you have one) carries your balls around in her purse. 
+Tina Vigilante

My wife laughs at Bill Burr every time we watch. People with crappy senses of humor don't laugh. 
Mute me. Block me. Don't care.

Have you watched the video?
+Robert Martin I watched the stupid fucking video. I don't think it's funny. It's generic stand up comedy bullshit. It lacks the essential ingredients of humor: originality and surprise. 
Oh, I'm sure as a woman you've never ever once poked fun at men or heard someone doing the same and never laughed as a result. Tell me honestly that has never happened.

Did you watch the actual video. I bet not.

It's a crappy description from somebody on YouTube.

And it's definitely funnier than penis Rice-A-Roni
Oh but penis rice a roni is still a winner.

What kills me is people won't even watch it because of the stupid description not even trying to see what it is.

People with small minds.
Here are two actual anagrams, ones that do work: 
- Pees Crib Urine
- Unprecise Brie (because Reince kinda looks like a soft cheese, but only kinda).
Also, apparently Priebus is a 'brines epicure'.
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