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"That's why tonight I'm giving a wag of my gravy-stained finger to President Obama. Sir, have you forgotten the first Thanksgiving, when the pilgrims and the Indians and the Jesus sat down together, and the Lord did turn the maize into corn, and lo he gaveth the Indians smallpox for not believing in him." -- Stephen Colbert

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Everyone knows that's exactly the way it happened
Mike M
I guess Obama hasn't read the book of Mormon
+Mike TheMyth That plot is actually in the 2nd book. "The Book of Mormon and the Goblet of Fire"
an interesting miss on not capitalizing the "Him" there.  :-D you think Indians ate creamed maize on the first Thanksgiving? I like to think so.
..creamed maize wasn't invented yet. Everybody knows that....and the Earth is only 4,000 years old. So sayeth the Kentucky Creationist Museum.
Lmao @ Kentucky. The Kentucky Knowledge Kenter :) damn autocorrect I meant SINter
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