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Stephen explains the Petraeus scandal:

"A decorated war hero has an affair with his own sexy biographer

… who thinks the spy master is stepping out on her with a second girlfriend

…. so she sends an email from a secret account saying "step off or I will cut a bi-atch."

…. and the second hottie freaks out and contacts her friends, FBI agents, who launch an investigation,

… but gets pulled off the case because he sexed her a shirtless photo.

… The spy mastery protégé, also a general, has sent thousands of e-mails to the second woman.

This isn't just a love triangle, folks. It's a love pentagon." -- Stephen Colbert
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I keep waiting for Rod Serling to step in and explain the situation.
Mme Amy
I think before this is out we'll need a Vizio chart to follow this mess!
+Mme Amy  Make one of those crazy people walls with the colored string connecting names photos and news reports.
Mme Amy
I start out a process map with those note stickies on a wall.  This will be too complex a map I think.
If romeny was our president, he would go into palestine, lay off everyone, send them to china, bring in his management team and make money for israel.
All we need now is a diaper wearing astronaut to assault someone...
The Daily Show is much much better than the Colbert Report, Colbert used to be much funnier, but has gotten really silly, too bad.
Awesome! So, this gets more press than everything else going on in the world today... 
 SPOILER ALERT! They needed a good ending to the biography...  It's a self fulfilling story. 
Stephen is hilarious. Like "Christ-Wire."
Thanks to the Colbert Report I can endure. I think the general may be missing a medal, don't they give em oh for the love of geometry LMAO
Can I be first to propose the hashtag '#lovepentagon'?
So when do they do real shit...drama, drama, drama
Next the government will be saying "Iran called my man so I'ma blow that bitch up with a drone."
Flame retardent more likely what the F, it's the Colbert Report, please install laughter in the next gereration, this ones half lame.
You don't know what goes on X-P are you board..? Sad that you gotta be choking on that hater aid i forgive you for being an hate-full degenerate ass hole and if ya got some more bulling to do keep it to yourself ...muted post Mr.Retardant
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