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"Spending time with the creators of The Hobbit for the past four days has changed me in ways I never expected. It's hard to put my finger on it. I gotta tell ya, it is such high maintenance. I can never find the part. Frankly my mani-pedi girl is on a suicide watch." -- Stephen Colbert
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I like seeing how much of a Tolkien fan Colbert is. When James Franco was on recently, he owned him with his knowledge of the origin story of Middle-Earth, and he won a Tolkien quiz when he visited set of The Hobbit. I thought I knew a lot about Tolkien's books but I'd not put my knowledge up against Colbert!
I was impressed with the interview last night, I had no idea! Colbert is tops!!
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@stephenathome: Morning Stephen. I made a strange correlation last night. Did you ever notice how Charles Kock looks like he could be your father?  No harm intended, just a visual. :)
Truly the satirical prophet of our time.
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