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"This fireball was just like 'Terminator 4' -- except people saw it." -- Stephen Colbert

Full episode:
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There was a Terminator 4?
God sees everything..nothing misses him....he works in his own way, Akita Japan has a message given recently ..which has been acepted
Are you saying a terminator walks among us as we speak? 
+ROLANDO REYES  Yes, Yes it does.


+lois howe How do you explain God letting 20 children be gunned down by a crazed loon in CT?  You can't because your God does not exist.  If he did he would have stopped it.  
God ...doesn"t do this..MAN in his stupid ways does this GOd gave us freedom on earth and he is SICK in heaven...... Calling for prayer and MASS.....GOD is LOVE. On the CRucifixtion he asked for them to be forgiven... He is all perfect!
Insert twilight zone theme here...

I just recently realized there was a Terminator 4 and watched it.
Not bad, but not great either.
WE are not living as God has called for..but dont say God is hurting us God is love. He Helps us Look at the wars with  Good has won.. But if we dont change
Claim God your friend, Father and espoused Lord God through all adversties and Life will be Better.....A God who Died For YOU?
Hey all, I just blocked that lois person. You know the one that looks like a cracked out Jaime Lee Curtis? Thank you google for allowing us to block people like her.
your muting yourself back into the bushes of "dont know"
I bow to GOD with Love and sorrow because he is all good and he helps the lowly and as he walked on earth the poor.. and as he showed Mother Teresa of Calcutta to help the poor and sorrowful. God loves the suffering, the lepers, and all who are in dispare, who weep who have on one, for Jesus was in this way also so he is familiar with it........
+lois howe if God were omnipotent as you claim, explain AIDS. If God loves everyone equally, explain the Crusades. If God is omnipresent, explain priests that molsst children.
There's a song by Ozzy that explains what's happening to this thread...
Just so i have it straight. God is God, but God is also Jesus. So gave us the capability to choose to sin, then sacrificed himself, to himself, to save us all, from himself. Sounds legit. 
Explain the crucifixtion.. He suffered more over that could have just been crucified.....I dont know. Mayby God Has a special claim for the gays Because He loves them.and he wants them back to him in a special way,
Epicurus said:
"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?"

Think on that +lois howe .
And with that, I mute you as well.
Explain the crucifiction? A cult leader was nailed to a cross and stabbed until he bled out because he was upsetting the roman overlords. 

It's amazing how that wasn't difficult at all.

Now, you explain how Noah got 2 of every animal onto an ark, none of the carnivores ate any of the other animals, and when they all got off there was enough genetic diversity that every animal species didn't fall into rampant genetic abnormalities and die off. 

And if you say the word "Miracle" I will have to award you no points.
When did this comment thread become about ME? It's OK my children! I do not want you talking about me ALL THE DAMN TIME!
Thank you Jesus Freaks for providing the world with so much entertainment.
What the hell does a meteorite in Russia have to do with all this ridiculous god talk?  Oh yeah it is +lois howe trolling yet another thread with her ridiculous posts.  
I'm a little disappointed. According to Godwin's Law, a purposefully placed Hitler reference should end an argument. 
Must do more research...
How do we know that meteorite wasn't really Thor being pulled by Mjölnir?  He did Land in Russia after all, maybe he was looking for the last few Ice Giants.
Ah, but don't ya know +John Arsenault-Rivenburg , that GODS law trumps GODwins law. -  to wit: any random reference to the mythical sky father inserted into a totally unrelated thread will have a cascading confusion co-efficient of %12.97 ?
There is no cult is in the bible written over 2000 years ago .. since then miracles have occured to bring the word of God inpreparation to the world because many have forgotten the word of God and the miricals that Jesus did on earth that no other could because no other are not God....
Some of the seers today have written of this occuring years before it has happenes...
That's Transformer 4 , not Terminator 4 ..Russia is making their own version of the movie..The real one ..
Christianity was not a mainstream religion at the time, Lois - it was a cult of personality of disaffected people following a man claiming to be the Son of God. Whether he was or not is irrelevant. It wasn't Roman polytheism, it was a cult.
Really? cite me one occurance. Go.
and ultimately once the franchises merge, we will have Tranforminator XXiV!
what do you mean? are you asking for an occurence or a name of a seer
Look at the world through a strong view and see it through last since 1990s    things have changed and phony excuses have been given ......there is nothing to fear but fear its self as the man said and pray.....
Ooh lets start with occurrence. Even though I clearly know everything...since I'm.. you know.. Omniscient!
Guys, +lois howe is a well known TROLL.  Her M.O. is to enter non-religious discussions and start with here religious proclamations.  Once she gets people to engage her, She continues with the nonsense until the whole thread is hijacked and derails into nonsense and bickering.  She does this all the time on thread after thread.  Run a g+ search under "lois howe, god" if you don't believe me, and see how all those threads that come up have been trolled by this nut-bag.  I strongly urge you to ignore her and report her profile for trolling.
just pick your favorite saint of bible reading, or song, and stay with will get closer to God.. He is our Father brought to us by the prayer by Jesus.."Our Father who art in heaven
sorry you feel that wat GABRIEL ....nice name, pray to your name (angel) all the time
+lois howe - it has nothing to do with feelings.  I've seen you destroy enough discussion threads with your trolling to know that you are a cancer on this network.  You are a troll of the worst kind and I encourage everyone reading here to report your account.
What's going on? I don't even remember what the original post was about anymore! Stop this! STOP IT IN THE NAME OF ME!!! +lois howe you be-smirching mah name here! That's not good. I got some smiting to do here. you feel i have don to the negative ??????
Probably shouldn't pray to saints and angels, i hear god is very jealous. All that "Put no others before me" and all that.
Hi Matt, In my Religion..WE pray to Saints to ask God ....God For us..INTERCEDE  for us. When a miracle is shown WOW!  Like recently a miracle was shown with Pope Jon Paul
I N T E R C E S S I O N a Saint in to intercede......The most famous and the one who love the most in her intercession is Mary Mother of God..................................................
Hm. Weird, seems like you would pray to God. Why would God listen to the saints, exactly. If he's god, he knows what he has to do. Hell, isn't prayer actually questioning God's plan? Asking him for things seems to imply you know better than him.
. Miracles just happened..............Thank you God, I have heard of Miracles in other faiths God didnt listsen to Saint..they listened to God...stop putting words where there areny any
Because they were chosen as King David was chosen to rule his people...God has choises in His Moses... Noha...
Well that makes no sense. I'm still waiting for the Noah's Ark explanation
Noha saved only a few..because they didnt believe like NOW
That doesn't begin to answer my question. I'll pose it again...

Now, you explain how Noah got 2 of every animal onto an ark, none of the carnivores ate any of the other animals, and when they all got off there was enough genetic diversity that every animal species didn't fall into rampant genetic abnormalities and die off. 
Also, the bible seems to widely encourage slavery and Incest. what are your positions on god's encouragement of such things?
the devil was allowed  by God spending your time on that, or God and his word and the miracle of life.......
Nowhere in that sentence did i see the words "Noah" "Incest" or "Slavery". I'm hoping for a more coherent response next time.
sorry to say this matt but i dont think anyone will spend there time trying to find what your asking for.
+Matt Spencer Thank goodness Noah was able to use his Ban-Kai to fit, feed, and care for tens of thousands of animals on single ship for a year.  He may have even been a Visard as otherwise he wouldn't have had the power.
i thought this was about the fire ball ..not a put down about the Word of God......Good luck guys..
+Arvind Gautam Nice role of playing God.
+Matt Spencer Lois Howe is a troll. Arguing with her is futile. Also I can tell you don't believe in God, but you can keep your beliefs to yourself, and that would shut lois up.
+lois howe Are you catholic? Protestant? Evangelist? whatever religion you associate with is being disgraced by your childish antics. Also I know it gets heated when talking about religion, but at least check your spelling.
. you put down any thing religious and its futile on this side .. i am sorry you feel this  way but if you disagree...dont get mad....and call names
Because it was clearly my discussion of religion that brought her here in the first place, am I right? Not some meteor being a ridiculous sign of god's judgement against...Russia i guess?
Guys, +lois howe is only interested in trolling.  Don't feed the troll and she will go away.  You can help remove the cancer from the network by reporting her profile to Google+ for trolling.
+Matt Spencer I'm saying that you are fueling her fire. You disagree with her beliefs, making her want to "defend" them more.  Which in turn makes for great comments to read, but a hijacked discussion.
What exactly is the topic of discussion we have hijacked away from, precisely?
There isn't once because it didn't have the opportunity to flourish, to develop. 
+Matt Spencer - I think it was Colbert confusing Thor and Mjölnir landing in Russia with a Terminator time jump.
Crucified Jesus= Heaven..... all has arrived
That thing should have fallen on congress lap. One could only dream
No topic is safe from the God Botherers.
+Michael Gregov being how you want to humanize GOD then thats all he will ever be to you, If you knew anything about HIM you would know that HE created us with the right to chose.... since you chose to not believe him... well I guess you know the answer to that story.... you will meet him some day and that is when you will know why.... without asking... but you will be happy to know what happens to the ones that chose to disregard his favor by killing innocent people....
Out of hand? Didn't that happen after the 2nd post?
Ooooh. Ryan and Jack going up against the Report...
How could a 'good' God kill everything because he was angry that some of the people were breaking his rules (sinning)?

It couldn't be all the people - the babies can't have been sinning.  The animals certainly were sinning, yet God is said to have killed EVERYTHING except what was on the ark.  Why not just kill all the sinners specifically?  

I'm curious as to how that type of action can be justified.
Remember Sodom and Gamorah?  God said if they could find 10 people who would leave.....and no one would leave sin city.......What do you want ..God doesnt sins without SORROW..Read the bible and find out what they did in the" lovely" places of sodem and Gamorah..we are doing as dad if not worse....
+lois howe Can you please respond directly to my previous post?  I'm not saying anyone is wrong, but I'm curious as to how it can be justified from a religious perspective. 
Wooo! Everyone argue about their spiritual beliefs!! Yayyyyy!
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