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"The time for fact checking is after the event when voters have stopped watching. We should not be sullying their emotional reactions with accuracy." -- Stephen Colbert
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I have yet to watch your show recorded on my DVR. :)
why is the moderator adding her 2 cents in the first place?
I thought that journalists were supposed to report the truth ?  Murrow and others always contradicted people when they said something stupid or he knew they knew they were lying about something... 

And I suspect after hearing, er, misinformation after misinformation, that Libya comment was just too obviously incorrect (though cut that Faux News add another, er, bit of color on top of it to try to make it stick)..
The moderator was doing her Job...Calling out speakers on their B.S. is what a good one does...Sitting like furniture is what Faux news and the GOP wants them to do...The whole reason Romney won the first debate is because he was allowed to lie and wasnt called out on it..the whole reason Joe Biden and Obama won these other debates is cause the moderator was doing their job. Watch the newsroom to see how a debate should be!!!!
Both candidates always say half-truth with Romney occasionally saying blatant lies.... This is how our political system degenerated over last 20 years, you will not get elected if you speak truth....
+Sergey Lucktinov true..but blatant lies as you said are hopefully you cant get elected when saying stuff that are blatant lies...Cause Romney has changed hios position every time depending on who he is speaking to and which votes he wants to win...To be nominated as the GOP candidate he acted as a hard core conservative which would not raise taxes for the rich, shut down every program they want, force women to be denied healthcare and more...and now he wants to win the rest of the votes so he is pretending to be moderate...Once he is in you know he will do what he is told from his party to maintain their support...
There are two layers of untruths in politics and elections overall - one is when you don't want to say something that disturbs small, but significant part of voters, that kind of balansing I can understand - because politics quite regularly is just compromise. However, second layer is just brutal lies - and Romney is shiny exemplar of this tactic. Currently, he is trying to lie his way to White House.
Trolls is in da hause....  Meaning: feel free to elaborate..  This thread is about a particular statement, which Romney, at the very best, had no clue was the fact were (released press statement initially, and further study for accurate - not a standard GOP trait - or most politicians for that matter)..
+Chris Karavoulias Yes, I'm no Obama fan but I can't lower myself to Romney's level. Voting for him is to accept that he thinks you are an ignorant moron who will believe anything he hears. 
Troll here: Obama spun the events.   Even CNN, in spinning to protect their screw-up, can't hide that he just spoke generally about "acts of terror" and "this terrible act"  Here's the quote from  The point is that his administration was sending people all over the place spinning it as a riot when they knew it wasn't.

Besides, if there is any judgment call at all to be made about whether he is speaking generally or calling this specific act an act of terror, why is the CNN moderator throwing in her opinion of what it was?  It was blatantly partisan.  

They should PLEASE just have Colbert moderate.  At least then the partisanship would be funny.

"Our country is only as strong as the character of our people and the service of those both civilian and military who represent us around the globe," he said. "No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America. We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done."
I'll second that... I'm not a huge Obama supporter.. He's done Okay has president, but I'm not thrilled with how much Bush era stupidity he's kept around... On the otherhand, I am absolutely pissed at the GOP for not having a honest and trustworthy candidate that wasn't completely in the bag for the religious right or the rich..   If they  had a decent candidate, he'd probably win on the economy alone..  But currently, the GOP is so far out on civil rights of all sorts, that I can't even consider voting GOP for president...  As one tweet said "Romney is the most progressive candidate of 1950"...
+Pēteris Krišjānis The main truth that Obama needs to realize is that Romney isn't Bush and he isn't Bill Clinton. The only reason the former President is speaking on his behalf is because of Hillary's political future. She will run in 4 years and needs Obama's support but the American people want to believe that a Demo leader fully supports him. 

It is true though....Romney lies, but so does Obama.
+Steve Allen I liked 2 candidates in republican camp this season - John Huntsman for being true Eisenhower republican (and the smartest between all of them) and Ron Paul for constant belief in his ideology (very rare quality between politicians). I would consider voting for both those guys. 
I'm reading that many who don't like Obama feel that it would be a crime to vote for Romney? As a 3rd party person myself...Is it that Romney is "rich" and the country is not? Is it that Romney took control of a state with debt and fixed it? Is it because Romney also worked with Democrats with success? Maybe because Romney had success with his own health reform in his state?

So what, Romney lies.......they all do!

I guess what I'm asking is what is the problem that everyone has with Romney that is different from Obama? Honestly?
Colbert sucks anymore. I miss the balanced show that made fun of ALL politicians instead of trying to sway votes. Daily Show as well. Its like watching Bill Maher....I DONT!
Funny though that the state he so proudly calls his own (MA) isn't voting for him by a wide margin...  He did a crappy job in MA.. He didn't do any "job creation", for the most part he vetoed everything, and the state congress overrode his vetos, he pushed RomneyCare through, which was his major achievement, which he now dissavows..   And yes, health care is sort of working in MA, it's what the federal plan is modelled on..   I just have no clue what the guy would actually do... Liar or not, he changes his position so often to match the people he's talking to, you are basically just voting for an empty suit... 
+Brian Carrell its not just the are right ..all politicians lie..its how intense the lying is..that he will say anything..even oppose his own views and take boths sides in order to convince people to vote...

Its not cause he is rich...its cause he doesnt want anyone who is not rich to become rich.
Its cause he wants the rich to get richer
Its cause he wants to destroy planned parenthood which millions of young women have relied on for help when they cant go to their parents, which uses funds for cervical cancer screening....which does thousands of good things
Its cause He didnt "fix" massachusetts on his own and several of the things he takes credit for "fixing" he had nothing to do with them..
Its cause "the binder of women" he seeked out was not seeked out but presented to him from a women activist group who found that women were not being chosen for positions
Its cause he is against gay rights and they should have equal rights...
Its cause he tied his dog to his roof on a trp
Its cause he has plans that will destroy medicare and allow private insurances to thrive and raise healthcare costs through the roof..
Its cause he wants to get rid of the affordable healthcare act which among thousands of good laws it has..a big one is that insurances cant deny coverage for pre-existing conditions a yeast infection
Its cause he hates immigrants when this country was founded by immigrants
Its cause he says he will lower taxes by 20% across the board while attmpting to reduce the deficit which cant be done..even if he cuts several "useless" as he calls them programs and even worse he will cut down several programs that make a huge difference in this country...
Its cause his running mate is Paul Ryan who wanted to cut 700 billion in medicare...and then somehow republicans turned it around and accused democrats for wanting this...
Its cause he will argue that the government doesnt create jobs while saying that he plans to create millions more the same 10 minutes of him speaking
Its cause....a million more its cause...
+Brian Carrell It is that he lies depending on which voters he is talking to at the moment. Frankly speaking I would vote for Romney if he'd run on democratic ticket and on his actual record. 
MSNBC is the funniest show on television!
Mitt is such a dope. Even I saw when the POTUS changed the setting from a simple debate to a court room setting. Mitt Mormon didn't even stand a chance. 
There's plenty of room for misleading info in election cycles, so I don't feel bad in the least for a politican getting called out for completely either a) not having a clue of what he's talking about or b) out and out lying about it...
+Donnie Osbourne Why would you describe someone by their religion? You're not advancing your cause very much by showing hate and ignorance.
Yeah +Donnie Osbourne..I mean its like talking about Obama as if he were a non-American one would ever do that...
So what if being a Momon is as crazy as being a scientologist but somehow people fail to realise some respect! 
I wonder what that weasel filmmaker is thinking sitting in jail while the administration searches for the cause of the attack and decides what to do next now that their foreign policy has failed in Libya?
Please proceed Governor.... Enjoy. 
+Steven Cancel 's fact-checker sources told 27 lies after the first debate and 31 lies after the second.  Can they break their record heading into the 3rd debate???  I think so.  #sheep
Colbert, you're genius, the problem is when the moderator tries to do ad-lib fact checking. She was interviewed later and back-tracked everything she said... or rather she tried to make it look like she had said the opposite of what she said during the debate. 
Nobody is fooled
Three liars on stage and one happened to carry the title "Moderator"
+Mike Birkhead 

Mike: "She was interviewed later and back-tracked everything she said."

actually, that's not true Mike. demonstrably not true. not factual. or, you know, "true".  not resonant with events that actually occurred. not consistent with the nature of the world we share. not truthful.

false, in other words. 

CNN host Soledad O'Brien pointed out to Crowley on Wednesday morning. "Are you backtracking on what you said in that fact check last night?"

"Goodness, I hope they get back to one another," Crowley replied, adding that her comments following the debate were "exactly the same" as the original fact check. "He did say 'acts of terror,' call it an act of terror, but, Gov. Romney, you are perfectly right that it took weeks for them to get past the tape."

"Not a backtrack?" O'Brien wondered.

"No!" Crowley said. "Now, did the president say, 'This was an act of terror'? The president did not say [that], he said, these 'acts of terror.' But he was in the Rose Garden to talk about Benghazi so I don't think that's a leap."

I wonder who she is voting for?  It is amazing that we are the benchmark for a Republic in the world but we cannot even run a simple un-biased debate.
When republicans lose a debate, it's the moderators fault, when democrats lose they blame their own debater.. i wonder who the biased ones are..
Romney hasn't lost a debate yet.  The complaints about the moderator are simply valid criticisms.  Even if you disagree, Republicans/conservatives don't view Romney as having lost the debate so they have no reason to "blame the moderator" for it.  Does not compute.
"(If Obama called the Benghazi attack an "act of terror" in his Rose Garden speech, then he also said the victims of that attack were buried in the "hallowed grounds of Arlington Cemetery" and that he had visited them at Walter Reed -- other comments in that speech not specifically referring to the Benghazi attack.)"  -Google it.
Talk about denial...Even the Republicans have said that Romney lost the what world do you live in where you think that he didnt about you google that!!!
Even Democrats have said that Obama lost the debate (you see how feeble that retort is?).  Both Dems and Repubs have said that both candidates won the election - since that's a wash...shall we go back and forth with this "appeal-to-unnamed-authority" as though it's productive or can we use our own minds to reason it out now?  Obama answered none of Romney's criticisms on the economy (what could he possibly say?), offered no vision of his 2nd term beyond general platitudes about hope, and look like a fragile, defensive, bitter person doing it.  Romney got his facts out, Obama didn't answer questions (and also lied about Benghazi).
+Allan Miller lie just like Romney...not surprised support him...
since you have trouble using google...
Majority of what Romney said were lies...not sure what facts you are talking about....

Even the Benghazi thing you are so proud of is crap since OBAMA DID CALL IT "AN ACT OF TERROR" the day after....Check the transcripts, video, reports on politifact....Focusing on this is just what Romney needs since he has nothing good for him to go on..

NO Democrat has said that Obama lost the debate....but hey..if it helps you sleep at night..I just hope that republicans keep their promise and leave the country as they keep threatening when Obama wins cause this country will be so much better...but I'm sure they will pull another Limbaugh and stay anyway
The fact of the matter is, Obama never called Benghazi a terrorist attack . He did in fact say it was an act caused by a video that almost nobody has seen. And now the state department is being investigated for it. I listened to Crowley following the interview. She back tracked!
I don't like Obama or Romney. I'm a libertarian, unbiased outside observer. She lied!
+Mike Birkhead she never backtracked..FAUX news says she backtracked cause they wish she did... HERE President Obama Speaks on the Attack on Benghazi "ACT OF TERROR"

You can interpret this however you want..but he says act of terror. And the moderator stated that he did say act of terror but it did take them 14 days to say it wasn't the video...but thats what intelligence waits for the facts before saying exactly what something is...wish republicans could do that..

Not that it should matter because it has nothing to do with his capabilities as a president but since Romney and republicans cant find anything factual they have to make up whatever they can...
+Allan Miller sorry..I forgot republicans dont like facts from non-partisan sources,..if it wasnt on FAUX never happened right? And you call me a are sad but funny!
"He didn't say THIS was an act of terror, he said we would not bow to 'ACTS of terror' in general.  Never mind that he was making the statement after an act of terror.  Never mind what the president actually said, it's all about what we wanted him to MEAN."  Man, the GOP has gone completely off their rockers.
The GOP has devolved to cult status.  First thing they teach you in a cult, "Everyone else is lying to you.".  Moderators, fact checkers, pollsters, BLS, CBO...nothing the US has ever used as a source of information in the past is good enough for the GOP anymore...they're AAALLL in Obama's pocket.  Now it's gotten to the point that when Obama says "Acts of terror" he wasn't actually talking about an act of terror...  
Really people, it's gotten ridiculous. 
As a libertarian, I'm not GOP and I think the GOP is off base on focusing on the word "terror"
BUT with that said, I think this timeline will show the true failure of the president in this situation.

Prior to Sep 11, Added security was requested
Prior to Sep 11, fear of terror activity on Sep 11 was announced
Sep 11 - an attack on American Consulate in Benghazi
Sep 12 - President used the word "Terror" while addressing the situation (let's just agree that it's open to interpretation). 
Sep 12 - the CIA reported this as an attack by militants, not a spontaneous mob.
Sep 16 - U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice says the attack began as a spontaneous protest. She says evidence gathered to that point showed no indication of a premeditated or coordinated strike.
Sep 18 - White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says no indication the Benghazi attack was premeditated. The president on the "Late Show" and describes the anti-Muslim film
Sep 20 - The president blames the anti-Islam video 
Sep 24 - Romney and GOP criticize the handling of this event
Oct. 4. FBI went to Benghazi to investigate and left after 12 hours
Oct. 5. UN Ambassador Rice denies she tried to mislead Congress
Oct. 10. A top State Department official, Charlene Lamb, acknowledges at a House hearing that she had declined to approve more U.S. security as violence in Benghazi spiked.
Oct. 11. Vice President Joe Biden says in his debate with Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan: "We weren't told they wanted more security there." 
Oct. 12. The White House defends Biden's "we weren't told" debate statement; Carney says Biden was referring to the White House, the president and himself.
Oct. 14. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., says presidential aides deliberately covered up the details of the attack so that voters wouldn't question Obama's handling of the war on terror.
Oct. 18. The president says on "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central, "If four Americans get killed, it's not optimal.
Oct. 19. The AP reveals that the CIA's Libya station chief sent a report within 24 hours of the attack that there was evidence that militants were behind the assault, rather than a mob upset about the anti-Islamic video.
The time for fact-checking is for after the voters have stopped voting!
Libertarian=fascist. Just let everyone do their own thing, huh? With 350 million people in our country alone, sound like chaos to me...which means someone will step up to 'restore order'. I've read history...omg!
There are acts of terror every night. Did you know what you are feeding your children for dinner may be killing them? More to come on the 11 o'clock news!
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