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"Mr. Trump -- I will write you a check for $1 million from Colbert Super PAC, you know I've got it, to the charity of your choice -- anything, Save the Children, feed the children, put the children on child Apprentice, whatever -- one million actual dollars if you will let me dip my balls in your mouth." -- Stephen Colbert
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he has the perfect mouth for it. look at him...he wants it bad.
Hell I'd pay to see that. Oh Mr. Colbert you are one nut job. thank you :) 
I just spit refreshing Coke Zero all over my keyboard.
Oh come on, Obama needs to just needs to give the order, get all the documents together and then pick the charity. It's a good deal!
Sarah Silverman scissor proposition was better
Ah hahahahahahahahaha
Ridiculous Trump
Colbert's balls are too big for that :)
This moment in Colbert's life was, well, it was EPIC.
You'll have to ask the Donald to remove his foot from his mouth first
Trump offered 5 mils to a charity if an official produced Obama's application.
Charity can be used to blackmail decent people with tax deductible money. That is Trump's legacy.
+Brian Carrell WE all are calling for Romney's tax returns, because everybody produces them without fear.
Even his vicepresident provided them to Romney. Because nobody hides honest actions. 
What Trump wants is not standard info.
+Julian Garcia and Trump is offering Obama 5 million for simple records that shouldn't cause any issue's. 
Colbert knocked it out of the park on this one. 
No. I don't care if he wants to give it to Obama.
The indecency is in using a charity as leverage.
+Brian Carrell you phrased it wrong its "Trump is trying to distract people by asking for records that don't matter, this is a non-issue lets stop talking about it" not "and Trump is offering Obama 5 million for simple records that shouldn't cause any issue's. "
Rich S
+Brian Carrell He's not offering Obama $5M.  He offered to donate to a charity, which may or may not happen, because it's a hollow offer.  He's trying to get his name in the news and stir up shit.
+Julian Garcia What about this election has been decent? Don't get me wrong, I agree with 100%, but this election is messing up the country and really distorting the issue's so if it's going to happen anyways, why not get the 5 mil?
If the birthers weren't satisfied with Obama's birth certificate then I very much doubt these records will do anything to fix that. Also asking for these is not standard. Bush's college records were leaked but no one else has released theirs

Asking for Romney's tax returns is different because 1. It is standard for candidates to release them and 2. throughout the campaign he has  referenced his experience in business. He has constantly said that he created jobs and elevated companies while at Bain and as Governor. Showing how he made his money and how much would provide insight on this. If a company went bankrupt because of Bain but Romney still made millions off of it, then well that is something people should know about.  
Holy shite! I just split out my Carmel Macciatto at my desk!
Trump is a moron just trying to stay in the public eye. It's beyond me why anyone listens to him
I'm sure that race has some influence on people's attitude towards Obama; it goes both ways on both sides. 
I hope someone would dip their nuts in Mathew Staford's (Detroit Lions QB) mouth. It may force him to get his head out of his ass.

Irrelevant, I know, but the Lions are pissing me off lately so i thought I'd vent a little.

I'd call his bluff.  And even if it wasn't a bluff, it'd be a ratings bonanza!
That's right, it's not bluff when you have Super PAC to back it up!
Rafael Lopez
Why doesn't anyone ask why Obama does not "simply" release his records? Why does he spend so much money and endure so much controversy hiding it? People have wanted this info since he was a candidate.

He is the #1 PUBLIC FIGURE in the US and you are not curious? What exactly is he hiding and for what purpose? SMH

Your just hilarious...I think if you only delivered bread to my table I'd bust...
I wouldn't release any of my business, I'm not required to! Thats bullshit my business is my business, And it would just give Republicans more shit to make up , like the Birther nonscense
Donald Trump Ha Ha Ha the man is a joke biggest anus hole on the planet
That super PAC skit with Jon Steward was great..... I saw it in government class
@Rafael REALLY !!! Let someone idiot come to you and constantly ask for your verification. You as a Hispanic (assumed American) should understand that. IT'S F'N DEMEANING !!! & RACIST 4 THAT MATTER... WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!
I am sure that the "charity" that Trump is thinking about is one of those SuperPacs that is trying to trash Obama with lies. 
I would cough up my papers...  Colbert doesn't have what it takes to follow through.
Trumps mouth is so big you could get the Pyramids in there and still have roo m to shake them about
How could someone w/ SO MUCH still be in such need of attention... SMH
its not that everything one speak about is political.we need to know between charity and politics
& So did your parents (No Diss Intended) But do you ask them everyday to confirm themselves... How do you help people when Idiots like Trump are constantly trying to divert your attention...
So the Colbert offer is about the same as the Trump offer...
Romney's Tax info is relevant because he said no one should ever pay more than required, and if he did, he wouldn't be fit for office. He overpayed, voluntarily. He is not fit for office.
The Donald would be flattered !!
& To say Obama hasn't accomplished ANYTHING is ludacris. The man is not perfect by far but who is... With all the opposition he's getting he's doing pretty damn good. Americans support your president. Some of y'all must want Bush back... Lol
I'm betting Congress blocks anything the President tries to do for the next four years, no matter which one of them wins the election. GOP gotta cater to that base or the Dems will go into two-can-play mode. What happened to compromise?
I don't get why Colbert's response is getting so much attention. I think Trump is a douche. Colbert's response places him below Trump. That's sad.

Seriously, this should be a major F-U move from Obama. Slap the documents down in from of Trump and say, "Show me the money." Trump would finally have to shut the hell up. It would be serious political clout for Obama in November. Not to mention, throwing 5 million to your favorite charity. Its worth even more in November.

Obama would be an idiot to pass this up. Colbert is an idiot here. Its not like they are comparable. If Colbert actually had said balls, he would make the same effort back to Trump, which Trump made to Obama.
+surely this is now a total confusion.Let Mr.Trump come up to tell us the true  facts of the matter at hand but I add, this has no connection with politics at all as some see it
One of these men make their living as an entertainer, Greg. On purpose that is.
What if he actually agrees to it?
+Greg Copeland True but it's just another distraction. He keeps moving forward and they keep taking him back. It's principle I think.
I think its great what Trump is doing to find out the truth.
bitch did't i told u not to point ur hand at me
This was simply a distraction +Debbie Kilian , HE WAS FIRED!!
The Trump Organization claimed they were unaware of the change in management companies. The board notified Trump that his services would no longer be necessary last week. It was not long after when Trump began spreading word of his 'major announcement'.
+Project SoulSociety So on principles a worthy charity is going to have to do without $5 million. Sounds like someone's principles need checking.

When dealt lemons, make lemonade. This could be some seriously sweet tasting lemonade for Obama. Honestly, there is no reason not to do it. The distraction is already out there and going to get worse if Obama ignores it. After all, it only fuels the belief Obama is dishonest.

What man doesn't want to prove, not only is he honest, but his honestly will earn $5 MILLION to his favorite charity. No, if Obama's "principles" keep him from doing this, he is a dick.
Md Babu
That is good politics
Jade V
thats really nice i dont relly care though
Idea................... I would add $50 to Stephen's offer...... as long as I get to dip my nads too..... nationwide.... I'm sure we could top Trump's offer
Thanks for revealing the idiocy of of it all...Trump card to Colbert!
ten let us give Cesar what belongs to him and have what belongs to us.I hope this is now fair for all.
NO MORE COMMENTS!!! We will tarnish everything .Is it OK?
There is diferent position for Mr.Obama, he will control fate of all people in USA, and  Mr.Trump control his company at his expense, so Mr.Trump heve full right to question Mr.Obama's competitivnes.
+J. S. Hansenius when did President Obama become black?  Wasn't his mother white?  Why do people like you continue to be racist?
He said no, but he thought about it before answering.
Is Colbert implying that being teabagged and releasing one's passport app and transcripts are equally painful experiences?
Why not switch the table ... Surely Mr. Trump can pay 10 times over. 
How about Obama go back home, we get a real president, than the kids can go back to Comedy Central and pretend their watching news.

Sounds like a plan! 
dip his balls in another guys mouth....WTF
As Tony the Tiger would say... "There're Greeeeat!!"
Fun Fact: Everyone is a little racist! It only matters when it makes you do something you wouldn't normally do to someone else. Trump has always been an a hole to everyone he's big change. So is it racist, I don't think so, but eh, you can say what you want, free country.
i seen that yesterday on tv.. i watched the whole thang lol. i was busting a gut when he said that lol
i hate getting these links in Canada.   Always get a "not available from your location" message.  Can't Colbert Nation set up some autoforward to send me to where it is available from my location?
I swear,  Donald trump looks like an inbred hillbilly pig that got too much radiation out in the old west.  He was also born into a ton of wealth,  so he is not a cool cat at all.  He is a selfish womanizing BASTARD!!!
I almost pissed myself. You are the man Colbert!
Filth, filth, get off the system.
Can anyone imagine Ol´ Joe have an appointment with the fotografer ???  Donah..//
Ok. Not really funny. Too far Colbert
Admiral Tap tap !? LOL yeah right. You just spit coke zero all over your keyboard? Maybe that's because you're a gigantic RETARD!!
I want to see fucking Trump gag on youtube. pull his fake ass hair while the deed is being done. maybe some slapping and spitting too.
kinda of disgusting ....TMI for sure....but really funny. Even funnier if the Donald says 'sure, no problem'.
Why on Earth would you let Donald Trump anywhere near your balls?
Just 1 million?......that's a bit out of proportion for what you're asking, isn't it, Mr. Colbert?  Not to mention inappropriate....I can remember days when the FCC would've pulled your license for something like, got to love the "progress" we've made under the watchful eyes of "progressives".....or maybe we should call them "degressives," since I would expect this type of behavior out of, say, a 14 yr old boy!  Grow up Colbert!
Colbert is crude and not funny at all.
Colbert real classy guy. Thought it was illegal to solicit for sexual favors. Trump ought to have him charged.
Colbert Rulz. Suck his balls Donald! :D
Never has the position of the President of the U.S. been so disrespected!  Albeit Trump is comical, but the "You Lie," then the finger in the face, the Birthers and now this.  Let the man do what he was elected to do!
Too funny! I'd pitch in if it will keep Trump's mouth closed for a minute! 
Then Trump would be a real teabagger!
I don't need to see this on tv - I have already seen it with my mind's eye, and it was hilarious!
That obviously sounds like Colbert has done it before.  Whoa.
Why not just pay him the million to go away forever?
This Colbert, whoever that is, is just as big a douche bag as the Donald, LMAO...
It is a trap for the President. Under some state laws this would be a campaign contribution. In others it is a bribery charge, as it is a direct exchange of money for a action by an elected official.
I find Donald Trump to be quite disrespectful. Does he really think that his millions make it okay for him to behave this way? First at President Obama's birth certificate, now his passport application and college applications and records? Has this been done to other presidents? Romney cant even provide his tax returns. This is getting ridiculous. Shame on you Donald Trump.
@Frank Lopes 
but Colbert is only playing the douche bag. The Donald IS a douchbag. :)
I hate Colbert cause he is a freakin weasel but in any case Trump should read the fine print before hand cause apparently before Colbert dips his balls in Trumps mouth Colbert has to go a week wearing the same tighty whiteys and run a mile each day and on the special day Colbert will have his nut hair braided by a blind homeless person that has fecal matter under his nails lol
I love humor.  I love how funny it is, and I love how it gets people who don't have a sense of it get riled up!
Suddenly Trump becomes bankrupt and accepts the offer...
Colbert is such an ass.  And this gets traction with you children?
Typical liberal sewerage. Can't win the argument with logic, so resort to attacking your "enemy". Grow up!
Joe Cha
Lol. Colbert for President.
Mr. Trump. Just. Donate. This. Money. Too. Ill. Children. And. Very. Poor. People. And. You. See. You. Are. Going. To. Fell. Good. 
Will this challenge include a video? your money and get a donkey...go to Tijuana and rent a stage...make money and buy more donkeys and collagen implants
You, Sir are just a vulgar asshole who would probably love this country to go down the shitter.  How's that for a reply?
I'll do it. I'm not proud of it, but I'll do it
Mr.Trump: U are  hired.
Please ,what a sick thought.I think Mr. Trump owes someone a punch in the nose.
I'd be happy to add $10.00 to the cause Mr. Colbert.  So can you make it 1,000,010.00?
trump can suck my balls for free that bitch
To do that +The Colbert Report you'd first have to extract a certain part of your anatomy from another part of you're anatomy and I'm not certain you could do that! LMBO!
Oh yeah the president should just do what the asshole douchebag rich guy wants...that will show leadership. Not convincing Donald.
I heard Obama isn't born in the US, if that's the case, does that make him the first President elected that isn't born in America?
Come on steve  Trump dont dont play that shit ,he only date super model that was disrespectfull Trump is a real man
Even tho he dont like my President I still like the guy  and all his out source of wifes
...and the propaganda machine continues
Mr. Colbert, for impolite and uncaltivated put the correct message. God bless you!
How long b4 Trump says yes???
He really did not just say that.... 
+Prince Thompson: But Trump IS a tea-bagger... so he is no stranger to ball sucking. Or, for that matter, analingus (brown nosing). Anything for the screen time.

You could have made something super funny. It's like you missed the punch line. Huge let down.
Trump is a racist who does not belong in modern world he is fired to hell round mouth
Quit giving Trump his 5 minutes of fame
Donald is a disgrace. What a bunch of BS. We have moved on from that nonsense. Go spend your
Money and shut up. 
Stephen Colbert how about if he shows you his divorce papers will you pay him that too how about his business records
Donald Trump - the official court jester.
trump should sell his own version of a penis pump with his face on it the trump pump. 
we need to trust God to open doors and close doors as He sees fit for us, not any man or president.God and God alone, Jesus and Jesus alone, now,,
How outrageous! To expect a President of the United States to release his college records? What a dope Trump must be eh?
Why is this obscene garbage on my page???? I DID NOT follow this bozo!
That was funny right up until the last sentence.
he rich an he think he can do what he ant he dont care
Trump will need a tooth pick to remove the nut hair
That got funny, right at the last sentence.
Disgusting! Trump wants Obummer to release his records and Colbert wants to trivialize that and ask trump to do a sex act? Sicko!
You can tell whose done there homework and who hasn't in this timeline.
Funny Shit.....lmao!! It's fucking entertainment a little...if you don't like it stop following!!!
Tony Z
I don't know "The Donald" looks a little constipated in that photo. My need a good ass fucking to release the stress. Ha
trump is a parody of himself, almost as bad as william shatner. wonder if he ever dreams about romneys nuts in his mouth. 
Add me and watch my stand up.
That is tooo funny, nasty but funny. 
What are you ppl crazy---you think by now--the CIA,,,FBI--Secret Service dont know that the Prez is a USA citizen,,,,are you guys that freakin stupid...or your head is so far stuck up ya ass,,,you caint smell nothing but your own shit instead of reality... Racizm is a cancer--only way to stop it,,,is fuckig kill yourselves--Do that and us in the world a favor---PLEASE 
I laughed so hard when I was finished reading
Solicitation for prostitution, I think they call that...
I'll put $5 on it. Your move Trump..... $1,000,005.00 Hmmn?
And the big Show just roll's on...and on...and on
I know a fea 1000's puertorricans that want to do the same if have the oportunity
Because just acknowledging Trump makes you ridiculous. I'm a little bit more ridiculous just for having looked at his picture up there. Don't let your kids watch Trump on T.V., parents, it's a fast track to clown school. Unless you want them to become professional clowns, in which case queue him up.
That's disgusting. What a piece of trash.
You'd think, if he could throw around $5 million like this, he could do something about his hair.
i think trump would make a good pez dispenser
Wooooow! Not what I expected when I started reading this. Hilarious!
You are a businessman, it isn't as bad as it sounds... take it
Ok, this is getting too crazy. Colbert just asked me if he could put his finger in my butt in exchange for a six-pack.
+Robert Bone, although Colbert does have rather large balls I do believe that Trump's mouth is of comparable size!
Trumps terms aren't good enough, "to my satisfaction", if Obama does end up showing his records, Trump could say doesn't think they are legitimate and that the documents are fake. There goes his satisfaction and he gets to keep his $5 million, I'd say that that is a pretty good incentive for calling the records fake. Sorry Charity of Obama's choice
Opportunities? Such as being jobless? Homeless? Oh, this must have to do with all that "Hope and Change" BS. I for one don't have a problem with the man being "black". I could care less if he was martian green. He accepted the job as President of the United States of America. He swore to protect and provide for Americans. If I have done my homework correctly he has provided more for other countries than he has for his own...... 
TR_MP+"celebrity work schedule"=CH_MP!!! WHY would WE even CARE about his opinion of our Government or Finances?
Is he reborn as a social worker, advocate of man, and non biased human? Was an honorary degree in Poly-Lience recently purchased or negotiated with some bail out money?Come ON!! HE is 4 HIM and NOT U. S .A.!!!!
this gut looks like he mad ?
Donald trump must really need a lot of attention either that or all that hair has cut off the oxygen to his brain
Mr. Colbert, have a little consultation with Mr. Trump's dental hygienist before proposing a thing like that. 
A comment from a Trump supporter:  paul berry Reply

October 25, 2012 at 11:39 am

Trump is a great man, he just being strong enough to rebuke and stand against the sick minds of liberals, he is countering Larry flynt of hustler magazine who is offering one million for Romneys tax returns and any negative documents on Romney, but now obama gets the to late show as a platform to deny, and when flynt did so against obama, they merely address it as truth! So five million to charity why does not obama take him up on the offer, due to his transcripts showing obama born in kenya, and that in college he wrote papers on the taking down of America!

Romney is the only possibility for us to get America on the road to recovery, obama has set the stage for America to not only to decline, but to become a dictator state, instead of the land of the free, created by our ForeFathers…

Never has so much shame been put into a presidential campaign as obama’s, his base has awoke to his past lies so he now has turned gay when being elected on a anti-gay marriage platform, he now after letting women suffer as he calls it just before the end of his term in office he now says women deserve better pay, yet waited to just before election for his saving gesture, putting women behind gays, muslims, and every criminal in America, and now when his base is leaving him he wants to help get them more money, from Arab countries, to latin America countries all dictators are now putting their support behin obama, from Chavez to Castro, to north koreas Kim Jun got ILL’s son!

Now recently having so called classified documents released that have fictious boastings of his obama’s greatness in every hand written classified so called secret letter, and he still claims victory of a war he would have nevered began, and claims to be the killer of osama bin laden, and it was Bush who set up the agencies and Bush who went after the killers of our people, but now obama claims to be a great general! And europe now keeps him from conquering our debt,says obama, when every president for decades has had to lift European economies and policie’s as they did America’s or Europe would have fallen long ago, but obama he asks for more player money everyday, to worsen our economy not strengthen it. His dream is as Chavez and Castro, get re-elected, and then change and end term limits for presidents, as did his mentor Chavez! The only boasting left for obama, is as Kim Jun ILL, to add to his fictious greatness claiming one hundred holes in one, or one hundred three point shots, on his white house basketball court!

For evidence our Lord Jesus the God of Bush has had enough of the mandasity put forth by obama and any other trying to cause the fall of His nation our Lord Swore would be, go to the website at Adam and Eve seed gathering Ministry and on the prophecy and the signs page are the prewritten news events of this day written three years ago and more and are the likes of the Japan quake and tidal wave and the DC/Virginia Beach Virginia quake { with more now coming to DC/V.Beach } a quake our Lord brought on the same day as the unveiling of the martin luther king statue in DC! With many other signs prelisted that have come and are coming, also go to the site at Adam and Eve in Action blog wherein are undeniable sounding/waking/gathering links pages and films… much respect to All of Adam and Eve/God’s seed Deuteronomy 32:8. … both websites mentioned can be found at most search engines
Trump is idiot losing respect for him daily
Better hope he doesn't bite, then bite.
Knowing Trump, if he did end up having to fork over $5mill, he'd just file richman bankruptcy to get out of it
How about giving the poor people with familes that kind of money.
Sounds like ur a fag to me !!
This should be the tea party oath
Fuck you donald your a pice of shit if you ask me
Who's a bigger DBag, Colbert or Trump? 
Donald!!! $top it ! Youre making an ass of yourself.
@Josh, when is the last time a president was required to show all this paperwork?  Never, the idea behind all these requests is a latent disbelief that a black man could have the President's credentials.  He must have cheated somehow.  

Lets see Trump's papers, he wanted to be president, yet he has shown far fewer papers than Obama has.
This is funny as shit!! I hate that mutherfucker, drop nuts on 'em!!
breathe through your nose donald or hold your breath. put your big boy pants on and do it.
I ll give 100.00 for Mr. Trump take his hair piece off on TV
I wish Colbert would fade away already.  His act got old after the first year.
TA Hut
Every university has public records-use it yourself-
Did Steven Colbert just openly engage in solicitation of prostitution?
I love this guy, at least he's got the balls to say what's on his mind.  I think they would look good wedged in Chump's mouth.
No one cares about Donald Trump. He's irrelevant so this is the only way for him to say "Hey guys, I'm here too"
Ukno about 500,000 ppl or more have a CERTIFICATE OF birth. All actual Birth Certificates are one time only. Duplicates are given as an certificate/document saying that you were born in that particular city, state, etc......I have such a doc...
My balls would puke if I told them they had to go inside Trump's mouth 
Colbert is a real jerk...he can suck his own balls. If he has any..
Sure, Trump deserves it. And so do Obama's supporters. Chumps ridiculing a chump. Obama is doing balls dip on every fool that votes for him.
Ok now, that is just plain vulgar and shallow. Sorry, but you Mr Colbert are showing no class at all.You must be desperate for some ratings. You are going to wind up like Jerry Springer.
LOL,,hahahaaa!! Yeah Colbert!!!! 
That is hella funny in my book and I don't care what other people say
Boy that's great comedy... Zzzzzzzz
Loved "nothing would make America happier......." Only Colbert can do it!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO.
hey 1,000,000 bucks is a lot of money. I think I'm going to change my name to " your mouth".
Crass yes but so informative for those looking for real political information that matters just like the Daily and Letterman Show. Question of the night for Obama on The Letterman Show was "Would please ask the NHL and Players Union to get a deal done (paraphrased). If the question had been directed at Romney it would have gone something like this "Mr Romney do you think is would be a good idea to restructure the NHL and ship it to China where the owners would be able to get a tax break". So much bias for this guy it is unbelievable.
Greg S.
Now THAT's what I call getting serious about teabagging!!
You dont have to stoop down to vulgarity to be humorous. 
colbert flipped his funny:political shill ratio a long time ago.
its for charity, cmon do it mr trump.
greg p
This is just crazy on so many levels...
By now if there was any " issues " in the presidents " papers " we would have know about it by not .. just because of Trump and his search for something.  The thing here is if you have money and time you will dig up something.   In the case of the  President v.s. Trump  ,  Trump  just has not found  the " thing "  yet ???  ( he we know Trump has money .. but he is running out of time ! .. and you can not buy that ! )  

Look at the history of political scandals .. G.W Bush military service  questions  John Kerrys Navel Records

We see that there is something in our past that will come to haunt us .. but lets not forget ..that is is what a man does in the face of  controversy that shows his true  depth and meaning.  

In the case of The Pres v.s. Trump in this round of "show me some papers " 
This is a nice way to set a trap for the President by ..
I. Trying to force the President of the United States to prove something that in all cases does not matter and for the most part was proven so many times before  ... cmon really collage records ! We are not talking about the Pres applying for a middle management position at trump tower ! 
II.  And lets say he does give into the demands .. now the President loses on two levels .. one that the gives into a demand that has no merit ..  two, the president now has to pick a some charity that he now is personally endorsing ..  so what will he pick? .. what charity is more worthy than the other?
I have to say this is a nice setup

I really do not care too much on what way the election goes .. in that given the issues we face  .. one man " the president " can not change that too much.  We ( the US )  are truly a house divided and one man can not change that.  It takes a change in us  .. citizens of the US and who we elect to congress and the President that will make an impact to our lives and the country .. remember the President can not make laws only Congress can ..  ( no need to get into a debate on the powers of the President here )

(p.s. long comment sorry got carried away )
that was actually one of his best shows in a long time
Lmao....even if trump doesnt let him, im sure stephen will continue to try lol.
Pick my charity, im a south african.. My charity is called MacPherson@work4u.. 
Really stupid statement to say on air.
The Donald puts his money where his mouth is.. Trump 4 president
I wonder what time zone at 5pm lol
Donald isn't enough clever.
he can be a high class dictator.
Trump your an ass go play in your tower
Customer "Satisfaction" survey lol
+Jesse Stillman I don't really get believing that obama is a scumbag, but i suppose it goes with the territory. However... saying, out loud, that Donald Trump is "a  good man" shows just how deluded you've let yourself become. There's so many choices of scumbag proof with Trump that I don't even know where to begin. 
Melts in your mouth not in your hand 
Someone let me know when this stale humorless canadian starts to be funny. I dont want to miss a rare occasion.
Muting Colbert... Zzzzzzzzz
Trump ,what do you have against the President.... Why do you ask Romney for his last 10 yrs tax return..Please leave Obama alone. We're not perfect ,everybody have their days. 
As Americans,we need to live together. 
The Colbert Report you make me laugh.
CJ Rodenbaugh you're a moron. Donald Trump pays more in taxes in a year than you probably will your whole life. You want to talk about fair share? Go give your Ipad or Android or whatever it is you use to a homeless guy because you have more than him.
Trump sits around being a hand of the republican party dreaming up stupid things to keep people from noticing that things are getting better. Refocus the attention from romney who changes hit political stance more then most change their underwear.
When have trump ever made the riches man in the world answer? ???? but he did go bankrupt and rebound guess yu can say he is lucky so let him finish wat the republican party have done join up he and the repo man is waiting 24 yrs of the republican party look where we are oh blame the dens its easy starting from remember a man call nixion regan bush then clinton then bush now a oh my god he is blk cause a flop hair looser who had his chance to run his mouth and disrespect our command in chief he never said that bout the other goof balls that show his patriotic for the choice american people choose ive vote both party and never disrespect of chief now who wont a floppie wig man like trump and his race hater self he wouldn't get my vote cause he need to take his wealth and buy some respect and. a new wig 
Hey..he's wired for stuff like this ..only thing is he can'nt FIRE all of us
so disappointing. all about his own self promotion. old man, your days are past.
I'm pretty sure Donald Trump would sooner PAY a million dollars to have him NOT dip his balls in his mouth.
He'd probably accept... Only if he could keep the money to himself.
I think Trumps should use his money to get himself a good hair on his head.hahahahaa.
Trump put his mouth is 
That is disgusting, don't send me any more emails of this type again.
Way to put your money (and your balls)  where his mouth is.
Making A Better Tomorrow... tomorrow!
Keep up the good thoughts and share them with us like you do. I know that you will, keep sharing the good thoughts that we all need. ..Continue to point out the obvious.  Those that do not understand should paint their houses yellow so that we can identify the helpless and tell them to "wake up and read something" That is when they get tired of being manipulated..  I can't help but to love you for telling it like it is.  I'm a brother who desperately needs another world.   A world that mellows out and sends all of the Trumps to another mother... who will smother him to death.with indignation  Did I say that ?  I must be feverishly drunk.  But I'm not an ignorant chump. I'm happy to know that there might hope.  Did I say that ?  
Good Steven... a perfect answer to a tea-bagger.
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