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"There's nothing wrong with eating horse burgers. Fast food should be made of fast animals. Oh man, I could really go for a double-cheetah melt." -- Stephen Colbert

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I think humans are adapted to eat just about anything but they do have trouble some times with portion sizes and getting good nutrition.
Oh the taboos.
I don't think I could eat stuff like that or cannibalism unless I was starving literally.
Hmmm ... I think I would try to 'freegan' a veggie meal first if so hungry. People are very wasteful with foods and water on this planet.
If you are what you eat, I'd eat cheetah burger too.  Need for speed!
Nothing wrong with hourse. It's actually pretty good. 
Thats nasty, we r not starving in the United States to turn to eating other animals
so trot out the day's special....
The Free-Tailed Bat Nuggets are so crunchy, though I'm not too keen on the Guano dipping sauce.
Sorry, I wouldn't eat horse if you paid me. I don't eat burgers but I will stick to buying from trusted sources in future.
Horse isn't bad, I had it while in Asia, along with other animals most wouldn't eat in the west.
Not a fan of horses, but I'll eat one.
The real problem is saying it is 100% beef when it isn't.
There's really nothing wrong with eating people, either. When are you going to call Soylent back about that double blind taste test, Stephen?
Colbert is a dick ! horses are for riding not eating read the bible it tells you what food is kosher- meaning correct.If Colbert wants to eat horse then let him eat horses dick !
I only want 100% beef .... But I know they don't serve it to me ... Yucky yucky yucky I may be come a veggy eater 
hey just wanted to put it out there that before horses became pets and entertainment they were food and if you think its bad to eat a horse than you should go vegan rite now cuz u probably dont think about the other animals you eat so get it rite before you judge!
I don't the different. Eating pork' chichen, cow. Or anything. 
Thing is if Ur any normal person u only eat the animals that god gave as food not the one he didn't 
idk just mentally i dont think i could sit there & eat a horse burger. it just wouldnt sit right with me. ther not cows. totally different animal. horses are nice creatures. i dont think horses are somthing that should be getting slaughtered ? idk ? its whatever i guess. everyone has their own acquired weird taste that they prefer. me , I'll pass on the horse steak tho.
When the western world gets more movies and novels about war cows and racing pigs it'll all be up for the buffet.
btw the reasons humans don't eat each other is because as soon as you consume your own flesh that being of another person the chemicals released from such a thing will make you go mad in the head, thus eatting people is poisonous lol. :)
It's taboo to eat anything you give a name to. That's why you see kids taught to address their elders with "Sir" or "Madam". This makes it easier for their future meat source needs in case of emergency and food shortage. This is why pet names were also developed.

Better start now before you wear a "Hello, My Name Is _" sticker.
At least one cannibalistic tribe has died off - but it had nothing to do with poison. A communicable disease was killing them, and when the families partook of the funeral meal, they caught the disease.

There's nothing wrong with human meat - as long as the person wasn't sick - and it tastes like pork or chicken. We could be eating it at McD's and wouldn't ever know the difference.
Cheese burgers are so good they are tasty
Yes, delicious all-meat patties slathered with American cheese. NOTHING ON THIS EARTH IS SUPERIOR.
We eat kangaroo here, it's cleaner, leaner but harder to catch than a horse, but well worth the effort, Mcdonald's Australia switxhed from Horse to Roo about 5 years ago
Are they still taking out the unwanted kangaroo herds with ARs over there? Or has that stopped? I never hear about contemporary AUS wildlife management...
the Western capitalistic carnivores addiction to beef
is the main cause of CO2 emissions,
the main cause for deforestation
the main cause of bowel cancer
and the main cause of arable land erosion
the reality is: beef  is killing this planet and everything along with it.
I'm curious, if they made food from donkeys, and I had the money to afford takeout, could I eat ass burgers for breakfast?
JUST getting warmed up! buddy
you folks are pathetically naive in your understanding of the capitalist food chain, I suggest you all go get a fucking education then come back and talk about your precious meat diet!
I rather be a vampire and suck blood.. it goes down easier. Lol
yes and in some cultures it's best if your food it's still moving
A cheetah melt sounds tasty. I'd like to see that on the menu next to an antelope and mushroom burger. Whole new kind of fast food.
you can get that sort of thing in a couple of underground places in NYC and Jo-berg (they do a really big hippo)steak
The irony is you've all been eating it for years. cough salami cough Ha
Horse meet should be good, nothing wrong. 
perhaps they can list how many miles your burger has done on the wrapping
I agree with Rodney Dangerfield...never eat a steak with marks where the jockey was whippin' it.
As a vegetarian I find it strange how people are disgusted with the idea of eating a horse but happily eat cow day in day out. 
Premium house may would have been at least a contender for the KENTUCKY DERBY... 
The Dutch have been eating horse meat since the beginning of time. If you grow up thinking its normal then I guess it's no big deal at all. 
And it's pretty
Reminds me of pizza with hot stuffed crust. Anyone?
ter nea
Different cultures think horse meat rather good actually. Some cultures even enjoy the taste of dog meat. Why is it that whatever Americans think... the whole God ** World has to follow along with?  That in itself is more gross than eating horse meat!  or dog meat!
Any of this associated with the US wild horse roundup and slaughter that a friend and neighbor of K. Salazar had just built for processing.
Starting to go more vegan and love my homemade quiche.
Vegans... they just don't like horses enough...
Hey folks, I'm back. Sorry I took so long, but I WAS busy field-dressing the cat to make violin strings. After that I used the skin for mittens and made dumplings with the meat.

People have taboos about eating animals because when we evolved part the point of needing them for toolmaking and survival and started to keep them as pets, we began to attribute our feelings and thoughts to them (anthropomorphism).

Eating horse meat makes up nervous because we imagine ourselves as the horses: a prize racing animal, pampered and used for recreation by none but the finest of nobles... right up until the day we get too expensive to keep, and then it's off to the abbatoir.

As a furry, that's my take on the taboo.
Good point, Joshua. I wasn't even thinking of that, but it's a valid argument.
If I was an animal with delicious meat, I would be offended if you DON'T eat me. 
Horsemeat is sweetish like bad beef stor fried. Still you could do worse, camel is awful meat like the weirdest tast ever... is fresh on my mind from almost 20 years ago.... yuck!
its not like we really KNOW all whats in hamburgers anyway
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