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"Mitt's gonna keep those promises. I know, because I have his day one schedule right here:

Jan 20th, 2013

8am-noon -- Inauguration
12:30 -- Appoint cabinet
1:00 -- Take photo for White House ID card
1:07 -- Retake photo
1:45 -- Repeal Obamacare
2:30 -- Examine remains of Roswell aliens
3:00 -- Unwrap Oval Office label maker
3:15 -- Label China a currency manipulator
4:00 -- Pick nuclear launch codes -- (Maybe zip codes plus Ann's birthday?)
6:00 -- Take down Biden's old Erik Estrada posters
6:15 -- Get everyone in America a job
8:00 -- Activate self-deportation
9:00 -- Immigration solved
10:00 -- With presidency completed, resign and attend an inauguration of President Ryan." -- Stephen Colbert
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Johnny C
Colbert for President 2016
Is that Paul Ryan picture available by itself?
take down Estrada posters,ha!! and frame Farah Fawcett posters!!
It's gonna be rough on him that first day- he didn't make time to go to the bathroom...
Dude, how do you stand The Killers challenging your masculinity....Stephen..."Maybe the girlfriend was more masculine looking than you looked like. ... The Killers"
Eric Estrada posters.  LOL, classic.  I wonder what kind of jokes outgoing administrations play on incoming ones?
I think it's really funny to live in a country where a guy like Romney can actually run for president! (and a woman like Sarah Palin for Vice)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maj Eas
That is very funny.
At least we can say that mitt romney is a liar if he doesn't get all that done the first day he is president
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