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"Don't worry, Senator Rubio, nobody noticed ... that you gave a speech." -- Stephen Colbert

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Who would have thought that you can kill a speech with just water!!!
Why must there be rebuttal speeches? Why not respond with what you plan to work on with the administration and let us infer the rest, rather than the other way around?
+Travis Blair because that would imply that the GOP had a plan beyond winning elections & destroying President Obama's presidency
Well done speech, despite the akward water drink, lol. I enjoyed hearing someone give a no bull opinion about some of the major issues facing us today.
The Marco Rubio Drinking Game: when he fails to take a drink, drink.
I wonder who's the politician who they say has underage sex with Hispanic girl's?
+Derek Guggenberger Rubio was well spoken but the 4 minutes I watch his speech was filled with lies.  So there is that.  I loved how he blamed government for the mortgage crisis when it was the banks who were the problem and how Obamacare was causing businesses to drop employees or their hours so that they wouldn't have to pay for it when that part of Obamacare has not been implemented.  After a little while I had to quit listening because I was screaming at my radio.
+jeanne whitlark It is important to remember that there is not one single cause for the mortgage crisis, but the government is certainly not blameless when it required banks to give a certain percentage of their loans as special loans to the riskiest of buyers (low income). Several presidents have enacted changes to try and make housing loans more available to those who can barely afford them, and we can see the results today (a 30 second google search can provide you will all of the information above). As for the businesses, they wouldn't be very successful if they didn't plan ahead for the inevitable right? I am not fully aware of every single Obamacare law currently in place or waiting (I dont think most people are) but if they waited until after they are already in trouble, they would in trouble. If you get some time it would be worth listening to his speach again.
+Derek Guggenberger Even if the Government required a certain percentage of loans to go to low income families, it was still the responsibility of the banks to screen those applicants, but they got money for every loan that they wrote from the Government and the banks gambled on the gov bailing out those banks.  Many people of color were automatically steered into sub prime loans even though they qualified for conventional loans again the banks made more money upfront to write sub prime loans so they did because they had no consequence.  
+jeanne whitlark Of course they would screen the people, but that doesn't change the financial situation of any of the low income applicants. A required percentage is just that, required. Why is no blame going on the people taking out the loans in the first place that couldn't afford them? I won't consider buying a house until I have the money to afford it.
there has always been a rebuttal speach. dems do them when the GOP holds the office.
+Derek Guggenberger Absolutely right that some took advantage of this but the majority of homeowners were responsible and forced into loans that were unnecessary because the banks told them that was the loan to get even though they qualified for a conventional. Or that with the did not have healthcare & got very sick. Or got laid off their jobs because the company decided to send their job overseas.  There are a lot of reasons that housing market crashed but it wasn't the government that did it.  
+jeanne whitlark forced into loans? laughable! bite of mroe than they could chew in order to try to keep up with the joneses is mroe like it.
There is also the fact that many people believe their jobs and pay are stable and secure right before the company they work for screw them over. I know 2 people who were living well within their means before they were forced to take pay cuts to keep their jobs. Now at least one of them are worried they might not be able to afford their morgage anymore.
Nobody has ever threatened and forced me into going out finding a house and taking a loan out for it, I guess I must be one of the lucky ones.....I don't know why some people hold the government in such reverance and think it is completely blameless. Even if you're liberal and think the government needs to make more regulations you would argue that the government didn't do enough to stop it.  
+Derek Guggenberger The thing that gets me is how people seem so enthusiastic about placing so much blame on the poor for the recession. While no one forced anyone to take a mortgage, it's difficult to resist the dream come true of a financial expert that you trust telling you that you can afford to make mortgage payments on a house. Add on to that the fact that there were a lot of people who had secure jobs before the recession and were living within their means before their jobs and investments vanished and in their place the pittance of unemployment checks with the impossibility of selling a now unaffordable home that had just dropped in value to below what they still owed on it.
Right... plus the ones with the money get the bailout and tax deductions.  The citizen is stuck with the bill actually bailing out the companies that screwed them in the first place!
true, the ones who pay the most in taxes get the most deducts.

bail outs happened, started by president Obama, for companies that were so large that their collapse would have dire consequences on our economy. most, if not all, have been repaid already
I know that in my head, +Andy Britt .  I truly do.  As a leader, you can't let that happen on your watch.  But in my heart, it seems so unfair that the people who predators get preferences over the prey.  In my heart, it just doesnt feel right.
+Andy Britt I have one slight correction for you.  Banks bailed out started under President Bush as well as the Automobile Companies.  Don't you remember that John McCain suspending his campaign to deal with the crisis then sat there and said and did nothing.  That is was what tanked his bid for presidency.  Don't you remember the car company executives going up to speak before Congress begging for money.  All on Bush's watch.  Yes, President Obama had a part to play in bailing out banks and car companies but it all started in late 2008 before President Obama took office.  

We are one nation...we need to work together 
I am in the ford business. we asked for no money, were begged to take money, still said no.

stronger than ever.
Yes Ford did not take any money and to their credit. But Ford knew that if the other auto manufacturers went down so they would too.  Because along with auto companies there are a host of other businesses that depend on the auto industry and the auto industry depends on these other companies.  Parts manufacturers etc. If the outlying companies went down so would Ford.  As in the early days of the Ford company when they chose to pay their workers enough to buy the cars they were making, the Ford company is smart enough that they needed the other automobile companies to be successful for their own success.  Ford is smarter than you apparently, because the Ford company realizes that we are in it together
+jeanne whitlark do you remember why GM went banko?

UNIONS! workers that were suppposed to die of in their 60's collecting huge pensions into their 80's and their union leaders refusing to restructure deals.

so yes it was very nice of GM to pay large salaries and pensions to unskilled workers who might not have normal called for that much compensation, but look how that turned out. 
+Rachelle Greene did not make sense to me either.  Here we were bailing out banks that destroyed our 401K's and the housing market and we were giving them trillions (and we had to I know) but the auto manufactures we put all of these restrictions on them, which in the long run made them better because they were able to make smarter decisions and better cars.  I think it is because of the unions that there was so much opposition.  
and stop calling me dumb b/c i dont agree with you.
+Rachelle Greene What I meant was that conservatives are always wanting to destroy unions. I believe during the auto bailout the conservatives were already mad because their candidate didn't win and that they were trying to make President Obama a 'one term' president. If they could bring down the auto industry that they would find their way back to power...hopefully stated better this time.  I am in no way against unions, in fact, I am sad that unions have gotten such a bad rap these days, just like low income people.
uh? being poor is suddenly cool and hip. success is where the hate is directed. we are doing more for disadvantaged peole than ever before.

unions brought down GM.
what good as a union done in the last 20 years???? ill wait.
+Rachelle Greene I understand, I sometimes not sure either and I would rather ask then assume.  Often it is someone who is just being a dick to me but if I don't ask for clarification then how would I know when someone is being a dick or someone who is trying to have a real conversation.
+Rachelle Greene that is why the GOP is so keen on destroying the Post Office because the Post Office is the largest federal union.  That is why they put those insane rules about funding benefits for 75 years for people who have not even been born.  No company could prosper under those circumstances.  Unions are wonderful they gave us the middle class, they give us a living wage as well as the weekend, 40 hr weeks, time & half for everything over that.  And as the unions shrink so does the middle class 
40 hour work week? that might be why you guys are falling behind. nobody works a 40 hour week anymore
It would've been so much cooler if he used a water gun to squirt the water into his mouth....
Only part of the speech I watched.
me too, I had to quit because I was getting so mad for all the lies he was saying
I thought his speech was much better than the one he was commenting on.  At least Rubio's words were more believable!  And the fact that he was mocking Obama and Hilary by the grasping for water was hilarious.  What a personality he has!
unfortunately  his personality is up his ass, so it must have been exciting discovering it...
Nice spin TJPalmer..

Even fewer people believe you than believe Rubio... Rubio simply proved himself to be "Not ready For Prime Time".. He may think he is a big fish in the Florida pond, but he knows (and proved it to everyone) that under pressure, he can't take it.
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