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"Good god, Oreos are gay!" -- Stephen Colbert
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The next thing you know they will want to be treated like other cookies.
I doubt it, Oreos are already the elite of mass produced cookies.  Ranked higher than Nutter Butters, 2nd maybe only to Chips Ahoy.  It's the Nilla Wafers that might want equal protection under the cookie clause.
+John Monk So Oreos are dual-stuffed and elitists? I could see someone making that argument.
+James Cowan Yes, they are elitist.  Despite the cookie pictured above and Oreos traditional look (both veer towards a more populist theme), they are elitist. Tell me which form of dessert Oreos haven't infiltrated (ice cream, yogurt, candy).  They're everywhere.  But at who's expense?  Poor Chips Ahoy, and Nutter Butter.  Nilla Wafers tried to make it higher up the food chain.  But that only resulted in becoming the go to ingredient for grandma's banana pudding recipe.  Makes me wonder, what is Oreo doing to keep the other cookies from being successful?  I think the other cookies need a political action committee. 
If the nanny state hadn't gotten involved in the food industry, they would still be VAnilla Wafers, ingredients be damned!

It's a vast left wing conspiracy to regulate our precious bodily fluids!
+Aaron Engler It's not a vast left wing is a vast Oreo conspiracy.  It should come as no surprise that Nilla (Vanilla) wafers are a wholly formed subsidiary of Nabisco!  I think we need a Freemason to weigh in on this.
That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.  I mean, that's just WAY too much cream filling. 
you know people boycotting oreos about this just loose. On the other hand... more oreos for me! :D
I'm guessing the same people boycotting Oreos now are the same ones boycotting Mike & Ike cause some fundies said they were having a gay divorce....
Many of the people who were threatening to boycott Oreos are regular visitors to Cracker Barrel. Guess who owns both? Yep.

i would eat that rainbow Oreo ONCE. Just b/c holy cow, that's a lot of sugar and fat and goo.
Only fully Pro-Gay Presidential Candidate is Governor Gary Johnson!
The really funny thing about these protests and boycotts is that they seem to drive up sales of whatever they are protesting. I'm pretty sure that Oreos had a big day today. I'm pretty sure that the only reason anyone really paid attention to Mike & Ike was from the protests. I don't shop at JC Penny's but I felt like I should. So, keep on protesting and help us rebuild the economy. 
I dvr Colbert....just saw this bit and laughed my ass off.....he's got some good writers :)
I think it'll last as long as it takes for them to realize that Oreos are selling better because of it. I agree, the rainbow Oreos would be kind of neat to see in a store. 
That would be the biggest boon to same sex marriage if NASCAR endorsed it. Finally they'd be driving in circles for a purpose. Think about t, Jeff Gordon would be perfect. He's the Rainbow Warrior isn't he?
+kristen Henderson they came out of the pantry on the 25th.
It is cool. I've been posting that if the Pope condemns anything gay then what's the incentive to get to heaven if we can't get our news from Anderson Cooper while we're snacking on our Oreos?
Colbert also indicated that he knows where Twinkees stand. A naked man in a cowboy riding cream fill Twinkie.
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