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"I have always said that evolution is just a slippery slope to gay." -- Stephen Colbert
Barack Obama announces that he is gay, so Stephen reads what Jesus said about homosexuality.
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LOL read about homosexuality
Very bad idea by the President. Most of his policies are either world view and support, or social in nature and intent on breaking America's back. Republicans are as much to blame in this, as they have fallen for the age old "Art of War" temptation of principal filibuster, which makes them out to be the bad guys, and they are, no question there. The support of LGBT due to friends of his daughter? lead me to the conclusion that Obama is dead set on minority rule instead of voter rule that is the sum of our democracy, Once you let this LGBT animal in the door, you open up unlimited possibilities, heck, one could assume that Obama would accept his daughters marrying each other, or allow sister wives. Anyone want a harem? ?
+John Hargis Sr The last two major polls showed at least 50% of the public supported Gay Marriage rights (was at 53% dropped to 50% in the most recent poll).

Personally, people better wise up before someone decides to sue States for acknowledging an institution that's been forcibly defined to specific religious standards. Ergo, it's a violation of the first amendment. The result could potentially be the Government only acknowledging Civil Unions.

That aside, the constitution is designed so that in some cases the minority isn't marginalized, or has their rights infringed upon. Slavery, Women's Suffrage, etc... and now the equal rights of LBGT individuals.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." - The Declaration of Independence
+John Hargis Sr I posted this another time. I had to again... for a unbelievably idiotic man like yourself.

I can't believe this is an issue in the United States. From a non-american perspective I see it this way.

Religious Ceremony: Spiritual joining of people under whatever rules their church/religion says is acceptable.

State Ceremony: Signing a document with a pen. A Legal construct/Contract between individuals which dictate tax law, and legal status each individual has in relation to the other, and which makes the most sense regarding the laws around combined assets when people stay together or seperate.

This bans messed up marriages, and makes them illegal.. like:

1) polygamy. Can you imagine having 4 wives who, in-turn, have 3 other husbands, and those 12 men have 4 wives, and those 48 women have 4 husbands and those 192 men have... Good luck on sorting any legal anything out...

2) Marry a non-human (argument by insane people against gay marriage) other party cannot legally sign a contract, can't income split, no legal ability to act as guardian, power of attorney etc.

3) Marry Underage individual. They cannot legally enter into a contract (age varies upon state), consent laws are enforced, minors should not be burdened with the legal ramifications if something goes south, is not on a level playing field with an adult... etc etc.

State marrige shouuld be between Two adult individuals regardless of race, creed, Gender, sexual orientation.Collapse this comment
1st of all +John Hargis Sr, republicans/democrats who cares screw the million dollar lobbyist backed agendas. Let's look at what's happened to our country we are all people who deserve (minority/majority) to have our voices heard and for our elected representatives to make the choices based on what they truly feel is right and just. We have all ( - the 1%, o wait minority) as a nation been through alot these past 11+ years. Your right the republicans are at fault for acting like children and even openly admitting they wouldn't let anything Obama tried to pass whether truly in our nation's best interest or not. Come on and this Gay Marriage thing took a lot of stones for him to come out with a stand on the issue, aren't you even tired of the bs. While I am not affected either way by this personally, why are you?

Let me stop..
1 more thing +Brian Murphy you have a strong point. Our governemnt is supposed to uphold the constitution not bend and twist to suit their (pre-purchased) cause or position of the day. Then the dark side could argue well what are the purpose of amendments then? I don't think half them know what the meaning of sep. of church and state. Note: " that they are endowed by their creator with certain.." the constitution clearly was written with honest belief in its words. Wish we had that kind of forethought and understanding today from our leaders.
Joshua Ethier I already made my points, there are more important things to work on so we can afford to enjoy our pursuit of happiness. We need jobs and healthcare addressed, everything else is a distraction that lobby takes advantage of.
+John Hargis Sr Some people are unable to pursue happiness, because other people make it their lot in life to infringe on what everyone else is doing. I disagree with your sentiment that we should just forget one of the core principles of our country "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness", because it's inconvenient. Civil rights and equality should always be as important as money, in fact, it should be more important.

If Congress/Senate and bigots in this country weren't so hellbent on making people's personal lives their concern, we might actually be able to cut down on some of our problems. But, that is clearly, not going to happen anytime soon.

And you're fooling yourself if you think lobbying will just 'go away' if a paltry few of us voice an issue with it. They have vastly, more money at their disposal than the large majority of this country combined. Until lobbyists are banned from Washington, they will always get their way.
As a disabled Navy Veteran, i could scream about any number of things, but I would rather concentrate on becoming what I want to be through a job and proper health care than worry about someones feelings being hurt or other mundane issues best attended after we address unemployment and our economy. But don't mind me, the VA screwed up my pain meds back in April and I am pretty messed up pain wise. I guess as a veteran I must continue to sacrifice for the good of minority issues, No wait, its 2012, we should not have any issues at all !
+John Hargis Sr I don't mind you, I feel sorry for people like you, who think that voting yes to equality is somehow such a 'burden'. I would think every single day you spent in the Navy was more trying than voting to ensure everyone in this country is treated equally.
Jobs are not more important than basic rights. Think about it this way. Would you give up your right to vote, or cast away your freedom of religion so you can have a few more jobs?

To quote on of your beyond idolized set of founding fathers. Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. Kinda states that liberty and rights are the most important for your country doesn't it?

A constitution is designed to protect minorities, and people from emtional idiots who vote with the Mob-mentality. If a county only cares about generating money and jobs, just Copy and Paste China onto North America.

It also pisses me off when people say "pursuit of happiness" as if a job that pays well will buy it for you... If you attack happiness as a "thing" or a "condition" you will never ever get it. It's a bloody state of mind that is a by-product of how you live your life.
Life is the first thing we have in rights, liberty the second and pursuit of happiness the third, but not of that matters if we cannot afford to live, to eat and have clean water, to raise our children and educate them. Everything you say is an illusion without a means to enjoy it. Americans have been fighting for those things for 200 years and once we have the freedoms, they are still an ilusion if we have no income, no quality of life, and without those, we can never pursue happiness.
+John Hargis Sr You should probably stick to analyzing your own life, and not others, since you have absolutely no idea what it takes for other people to be happy.

Holding money above all else, doesn't equal quality of life, or happiness. It's usually a sign of shallow materialism.
+John Hargis Sr Water, food, education, shelter. These are in abundance in North America. The ones who lack them are the ones who were failed by the social safety net, have a mental illness and have no where to provide the care they need etc.

Having a job which lets you own a new car every 5 years, take a vacation every year, buy your kids the latest threads, own that mototbike you've always wanted, let your wife renovate your kitchen... Those are NOT important, and are NOT part of the pursuit of happiness.
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