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Dolly Parton and Stephen perform the title track off her 14th solo studio album, "Love Is Like a Butterfly."

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Who is the plastic doll next to Stephen. It looks strangely alive. Who ever made it is very talented.
I am amazed Colbert could stand so close and be so composed.
Don't hate! Dolly owns. This is awesome.
They were actually good. Didn't expect it from Stephen
She does not look like that. That is a doll. But nice try Stephen!
You know I went to concert to see Dolly.  Someone gave me tickets I didn't really think much of it. But she was AWESOME. No kidding. She is sweetest and still really HOTT. I'd give anything to have her BOOBS :O 
Melinda, just ask her I do not think she would be mad, get her doctors name.
Don't turn the lights up too high she'll melt!
She is beginning to resemble Victor Hugo's Man who Laughs!  Time to take the veil.
Never seen Mr. Colbert that flustered around another celeb before. So cute!
who's the douche standing next to the lovely and talented Mrs. Parton?
D Sharp
I love the Report! It's my most favorite show and this is one of the coolest things that has happend yet!
Adorz! ....i hear thats what the kids are saying now C;
Wonderful performance. Colbert was so nervous. You did great champ, you did great!
Dolly looks good! A bit like a ventriloquist dummy though. 
my heart went boom boom boom! It's so sweet to see Colbert try to maintain in these situations. Dolly got up under his skin in the good way. So rare to see her flirt! T'was awesome!
By the way you need to work on the google search-a-ma-thingy. When one begins to type"C-O-L"  you are in 4th place...correct that!
Columbia Bank has the top spot, inappropriate.
In The Name Of My Father And My Mother, My Dolly Parton, Is, And Always, Will Be, My Mother, My Friend, My Star, And Everything Too Those She Gave A Fortune Too Be Peaceful For...Allow Her Respectful Cutie Patuetie Silly Funnies, Please......Noah Messiah Giavanna-Zinna...!
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