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"11 million Hispanics voted for Obama. To put that in perspective, if you laid them all end to end, and stacked them ten high, you'd have a pretty good start on a border wall." -- Stephen Colbert

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Watched this last night! I was hoping to hear Colbert speak to Justice Sotomayer in 'Hispanish'!
+Cynthia Yanez if you haven't seen it, watch his testimony before congress. In another context, I can see where this would be offensive, i.e. coming from Rush Limbaugh, etc.. But it's satire and he's actually pretty sensitive on immigrants' issues.
how come you guys don't do anything on INDEFINITE DETENTION
our country needs these immigrants. otherwise we'd have to do all the work! xD >kicking my feet up< 
Elton Woo
Regrettably most people don't understand or get satire, and would be offended instead of understanding Colbert's cutting sarcasm on how hispanics are treated and considered in the USA.
                  ¡¡Qué lastima por eso!!
Sounds like a self building wall. 
did you know puerto ricans do not pay fed income tax and get the earned income tax break
hahaha o.k. not the ones i know. that work in the nursing homes, in haverhill mass, they come from P.R. and pay no fed personal income tax. when Americans do. and they get all the bennies. nothing gets taken out of their checks, so spin on , and lie to your self. i know because i know the people i'm talking about. and they said they didn't want to tall us because we (Americans )would get pissed.
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