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The Colbert Report Year in Review:
Nation! As the year reaches an end, it's time to recall the highlights. From Stephen's election coverage to trying to take over Sweden's Twitter account, here are the Colbert Report's top moments of 2...
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Why am I following this account when it's just links to videos that won't play in Canada?
Just got my awesome Colbert Report mug for Christmas! Just enjoyed my cup of coffee this morning.
Chrome for Android does not support plug-in. 
+Cody Rush thanks but it says tickets not currently available - has been that way for months now.
Colbert is that French for Cool beer ? You are Cool and smart , God Bless
+The Colbert Report Please join the future internet revolutions and develop a non-flash video playing website. You post a link in g+ to what is probably a fantastically fun video only to forget that many android and other mobile devices don't do flash. Viacom is a big company, certainly they can afford to move their videos to HTML5 ?
Cody R
+Brad McCoy I see that.. would appear they're "sold out" for the foreseeable future. I'd still recommend adding your email to their ticket notification service... you probably wont get a timelier notification anywhere else.
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