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"Of course gays are less stressed -- they don't have to deal with women!" -- Stephen Colbert

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What do guys penises and the world have in common?

It's the women who make it hard.

I don't remember where I read that, but I thought it was pretty funny.
Don't feel too bad, Colbert. Even super smart Stephen Hawking admitted he doesn't understand us women.
Women actually treat gay men better than thier boy friends and husbands lol damn walking contradictions
Just another reminder to men that no matter how hard you try you will never understand women. Lol. It's ok though we like it that way. 
To know woman is unlocking the secret to all mankind. ;) Just had to make up a cheesy quote.
 XD lmao. So if I want to be less stressed I need to switch teams? lol
Taking my comments WAY too seriously guys. Get over trying to understand "everything" and just ask if there is something you wanna know. 
I recall reading this somewhere:
   Stop trying to understand women.
    Women understand women;
    They hate each other.
Another attack on women and homosexuals. 
Colbert, I have to ask you a question...

Do fish have ears?
My favorite segment from that episode has got to be the "outcome determinative".
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