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"I'm guaranteed to win, because every single one of these babies has the exact same lucky numbers. So it's in the bank. I am mega-rich! No more slaving away for the man 30 minutes a day four days a week. " – Stephen Colbert
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I bought $10 quick pick #Powerball, thing is, I didn't get it in Fountain Hills.  :-(
Would you actually get your money if you won this or is it one of these installment things?
175 million tickets would cost $350 million. With a one-time cash payout of about $275 million (with taxes), the power ball jackpot would need to hover near an almost impossible $700 million to break even, by covering all combos. 
It would take a loooooong time to fill out all of those tickets, too.  Let alone getting them at the local gas station.
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