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"One of the very biggest losers of the recent election was traditional marriage. Three more states legalized gay marriage. No surprise that one of the new states is Washington. What do you expect from a state named for a guy who wears capri slacks?" -- Stephen Colbert
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All though some of us may not condone gay marriage based on our religious beliefs. These are still people and need to be accepted in todays society. God is aware of the sins of man and he is the one to cross judgement. It is a sin and frowned upon to cross judgement of others. There is so much hatred in our world because of hatred remarks of others especially those within the media. If we want to improve our society we need to accept diversity. It is a disgrace and sickening to hear some of the thoughts from our media and people in general. It saddens me to know that discrimination still exists... That needs to change!!!!!
+Patricia Castillo Or to put it a little more succinctly, it's not up to government to indoctrinate others into certain religious beliefs. We are all people of the United States and should all be afforded the same rights regardless of personal opinion. Period.
+Martin Omander the principal is approval and acceptance of others. We are all human and unique in our own way. Christians should use their words wisely, therefore they will be judged. Hypocricy, drives people away from church and God. Chrisitans need to lead by example and that is to accept people for who they are. Many people have been hurt and killed. I am not a preacher but I am a teacher and do not condone violence.
+Patricia Castillo I don't care if you're religious or not i judge people based on their actions not their beliefs or political alignment. To me actions are the way people really speak because you can say one thing and do another, I stand with you. Actions can be negated by actions as well in my world view, i.e. if you do something horrible or nasty i believe you can redeem yourself and counter-act your past sins (pardon the religious wording) by helping those who were hurt or affected by your actions in the past.
+Nat Crichton I am not religious but I am a Christian. I respect peoples decisions and what is in their best interest at heart. I agree the motives should not be judged. However, the actions of people in general including ourselves can and possibly will be. I try the best of my ability to not offend others. Those are never my intentions but as I said, "perfection does not exist and neither should labels." I am open to the thoughts of others because it does improve my thoughts and perception=)
+Patricia Castillo You have not offended me; no apology necessary. We both agree tolerance is important. For me that tolerance includes letting gays marry if it makes them happy.
+Patricia Castillo +Martin Omander  tolerance is what will allow us to advance as a country and as a humanitarian super power instead of the military super power/monster we have become because of the cold war. instead of condemning people based off of the laws of an ancient book written by our ancestors thousands of years ago we should instead focus on the misery and sadness created by our intolerance towards our fellow humans.
Still wouldn't mess with him and his Klingon sash!
+Nat Crichton I believe people condemn people bc the laws of our ancient book are misinterpreted. God is aware of the misery and sadness of others that have been created by the intolerance of other human beings. As long as you do right and continue to serve others, you are doing right in the eyes of God. Our mission is to serve and not judge or show hatred amongst anyone...
Be nice if god did right in the eyes of god.
It's be nice if religion was banned from the Internet so we can enjoy funny posts and get the world moving forward. 
You should make t-shirts with that on it.  spread the word.  :)
Emily N
You always give me a good laugh Mr. Colbert :] 
our God's not dead. He's surely alive. He's living on the inside roaring like a lion!
Is it just me, or did Martin Friedman come off asshole-ish?
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