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"Hillary got emotional, slapped these guys around, and then walked out with their nuts in her attaché case." -- Stephen Colbert

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I can't believe I missed this show.
I'm so sad I didn't see this.
I watched the testimony and dis not see Hillary doing anything but pulling off a poor acting job.
Do these commentators think people don't watch these hearings? They sprout a narrative, as if people don't have minds of their own.  I watched it, and what I witnessed was a well versed. lawyered up, autocrat with no accountability. The Republicans didn't go in hard enough, which is to their discredit.
how the heck did this liberal clap trap get in my stream.....!!!!!!!
As usual, Republicans can't handle Benghazi (if they would be after truth, they would have more meaningful questions, however they wouldn't sell over Fox News), Hillary just made example out of them. Longer Republicans keep poking this unfortunate and tragic event, more people will turn blame on them. They are getting burned by their own game.
Sometimes you lose by winning. She will never be seen as a competent leader.
The Republican Party is out of ideas so we'll have political reruns until their act comes back together. Any comeback will take more than waiting for the Democrats to screw up big enough or repeating old messages louder.  
Before you attack someone with a different opinion to yourself, do your  homework. I'm not a Republican, I'm from Australia. You know ... one of your allies. Considering only 39% of Americans hold a valid passport, American parochialism and delusion is no surprise to outsiders. 
Who knows. The Land Down Under has got a lot of Socialists these days.
Many, but not all, Aussies have been indoctrinated by a centrally controlled education system, populated by many a Socialist-Marxist educator. I get a lot of anti-American comments from Aussies (and Canadians) who think that their system is the envy of the world.
Very good episode, had me in tears!! 
Did you know the Federal Reserve Bank of New York City and the World Trade Center where only .4 miles apart. Could there have been a hiest that terrible day. 98% of that gold was own by foriegn central banks. Where would you hide gold like that?........ Just food for thought for those with conspirity theories.
Give me a lever+I'll move the world.
I'm trying to see if I can start a new conspiricy. Bush stoled the gold and moved it to China. Thus the finacial meltdown.
It is why Cheny's heart went, one bar fell and he went back for it.
I posted on FB with 69 friends. Let's see if we can start one. If you two post on your social networks that should be enough.
The history chanel does quite well with it.
Well, this old man has to much time on his hands.and miss out on college.
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