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"Romney's bringing out the big guns. Specifically, the biggest, tannest, most leathery gun of them all: billionaire, former candidate, and current candied yam Donald Trump." -- Stephen Colbert (2/20/12)

The Colbert Report Year in Review:
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yuyu cz
its sad that these guys being funny are more truthful than reg news journalism its a joke this days shameful.
"This content is unavailable in your area." Lame.
Not visible in Canada?  Stephen loves Canada!
Donald "Shit Mouth" Trump need to sit his old ass down somewhere. He need to go back where he got that tan from and get his money back cause he look messed up!!! He got these republicans all n an uproar about the president and his ass talk like he got a mouth full of shit. Don't hate the president because he's smarter than u. Reveal ur skeletons n ur closet, I'm sure he got a cemetery. The president doesn't have any SKELETONS!!!!! 
HOLLANDA quit be ins sos ignant you say trump sounds like he has shit in his mouth, i can only imagine how you sound reading how you write
JASON, I know Colbert was making fun of Trump but for u to stoop to a lower level and attack me for expression my opinion ur no better than Trump. SHUT UP!!!!!!
Hollanda I do apologize if you were upset about my post I was just using it as an example of your own. If you disagree with trump that isbyour right. You should just use examples of what you disagree with and not justbresort to name calling.again no disrespect was intented just a life lesson. Hope it worked
I accept, but I'm sure everybody know what I'm referring too. The fact that trump is trying so hard to find something wrong with the president. Don't need examples when ur just name calling. Right.
there is a lot of things wrong with the president in the opinions of many. his socialist agenda and his disregard for the constittution. now those that agree with his agenda do not see anything wrong with him. it is how you see the future of your country and the direction you want it to take. doubling the national debt to fund entitlements to ensure you and your other party memebers enjoy the perks of power is irresposible. For example if Obamacare is such a wonderful plan then tell me why the president, members of congress and federal employees are exempt, just looking for a logical answer to that bit of informatioon. seems to me what is good for those of us getting goosed should be good for the ganders
again Hollanda i just want you to know that as an american i value your right to your opinion and the ability our freedoms give us to have these conversations, lets keep it that way, remember once we start chiiping away at certain freedoms they will soon all crumble, each one protects the others
You want to talk about freedoms being chipped away? More of our freedoms got chipped away under Dubya than any other time in history. The government now has the right to lock its own citizens in jail permanently without trial, and Bush gave the government the right to wiretap all your private conversations without any warrant, all in the name of "security". Thanks to George Dubya, we have a much more powerful government. Obama chipping away freedoms?? Yes, chipping away insurance company's freedom to rip you off... chipping away the industry's freedom to pollute the water you drink... that's not the kind of freedom anyone will miss.
the act that allows the imprisonment of american citizens without due process is the Natinal Defense Act of 2012, if i am correct, please let me know if I am wrong, But wasnt Obama president in 2011 when that was passed. So as usual everything bad that has happend under O bamas watch has been and will continue to be georges fault, when will yall own your actions, please let me know when
Emre I continue to hear how us evil conservatives are all for dirty air and water, that argument is tired. As far as who is in the back pockerts of big business, how about the billion dollar green industries that profit off of programs created by your liberal cohots to pay back campaign loans. your beloved Al Gore used his office and his power to enact regualtions that have lined his pockets, do you know because of his green indusrty speculation he has become a billionaire, forcing companies to abide by strict regulations to strangle the companies out and be replaced by his friends which he was richly rewarded, he is shioning example of corruption, along with kerry using his influence to help his wifes billion dollar company
Being greedy bastards does not make them socialists. If being greedy made one socialist, then Romney is a mega-socialist. They're not socialists. Obama is not a socialist. I don't love Al Gore, nor Obama, nor Bush, nor Romney or any of those greedy bastards. I'm just saying they're not socialists, none of them. America isn't socialist even by far. A healthcare plan for the people doesn't make America socialist. If getting healthcare for free meant you're a socialist then congressmen are all 100% socialist because congressmen/senators get lifetime of best healthcare money can buy for the rest of their lives at our expense. You don't see any of them refusing access to the free health care they get at taxpayer expense. If government provided healthcare is a socialist thing, then I demand that congress/senate be stripped of their lifetime of healthcare. (and it's not like they can't afford to pay for their own healthcare, they're filthy rich with corrupt money.)
EMRE, you need po;i-sci lesson or at tleast a dictionary
poli-sci -----political science, just in case you were wondering
Jason u continue to insult people because of their views and opinions. 
I am not , she stated that romney was a socialist and that obamas is not, she obviously has her definition of socialism confused.
You have not offered any evidence to support your claim that Obama is a socialist.
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