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"Is there no limit to how far these paparazzi will go in violating British royals' privacy? First, they're taking long-distance photos of a topless Kate Middleton. Jimmy, do we have any of those that aren't pixelated? No? Did we check?" -- Stephen Colbert

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8 comments Jimmy that was funny...;-)
Is Stephen making that face because his erection is bumping into his desk?
no one really wants to see her anyway
Everybody needs a Jimmy in their corner. 
scott hatch - i can't understand a thing you say. brutalized empire brutal prats prats?
+andy mackenzie I was thinking the same thing. Prats prats prats brtual prats. After some review, I think it was complaining that people forgive the brutal history of the British monarchy too easily and fawn over their new Duchess. TBH, I wouldn't worry about how the royal family was 200+ years ago and judge against the modern royals for the sins of their ancestors.
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