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its the black guys fault
Liberals are not the problem, they are the best major solution to our problem: The cancer called the "right wing". I'd rather have America become like Switzerland  a liberal nation with a liberal economy, and more freedom and liberties than America AND one of the worlds most historically stable economies and not so much a western version of Iran which conservatives have tried so hard to push for.
+Akemi Mokoto Switzerland isn't as #liberal  as you think.......they have the loosest gun control in the modern world with a low crime rate to boot.......citizens are literally allowed to walk the streets with rifles.......
I don't think they are an absolute liberal nation, but they are pretty much a liberal nation. And Switzerland has a gun culture built on safety and responsibility and their lack of a standing military makes gun ownership pretty much mandatory. America has a gun culture built on the exact opposite and as the +Washington Post myth-busted already, they are no gun utopia.
guess what? its really your own eff'ing fault if you were stupid enough to live beyond your means. I don't let these politicians dictate my life.
O come on........those are only #stereotypes  & you can't pin the blame of a few #dumbass  psycho criminals on the majority of responsible gun owning Americans......
don't worry the government will protect us from everything we just have to give them more money and I promise they'll change. Just like enviornmentalists suggested we use our oceans as a dump because they thought it was better then polluting the land we live on.
the U S is what you make of it,great country.there is always someone else to blame.
What exactly is "concervative", and what precisely has been done to you by liberals?  You are praying it up on every post, so liberals haven't apparently inhibited your religious freedoms.  I could only guess that you aren't filthy rich (otherwise you wouldn't be wasting time on this site).  Seriously, every time I see your response to anything, it has to do with paranoid delusions of military, God, liberals, etc.  I don't get it. It's like some kind of drug-induced hallucinatory God-fog has taken over half the country.  And you're all scared of everything.  Lame.  Liberals don't give a shit who/what you pray to, just do it and quit freaking out that anyone is going to make you stop.  And guess what?  All you religiphobicgunlovinracebaiters, we don't give a shit 'boutcha bitching.  We want clean air, clean water, no war, everyone to have a shot at not being owned by some fake-ass gadjillionaire who acts like he's doing us a favor by letting us go to work to make his ass rich. GD wtf has happened to live and let live? You hate gays? I don't care.  You hate Baptists? Who gives a shit.  You hate black men in the White House.  Tough shit, you lost the election.  MOVE ON and MOVE FORWARD.  You're boring the hell outta the rest of us.
I guess we are to assume then that you are purporting that Obama is a liar.  I would like to know exactly how his administration has directly affected you.  Dare I say that as someone who has to remain at home,  that supporting conservatives is a bit like sending the fox out to watch the hens?  This country is good and decent if we can stop the paranoid delusions created by the GOP, Fox, Talk (smack) Radio, Corporate Whores who've sold us out, etc.  Half of this country has been steered into thinking that liberal is a bad thing.  Liberal principles are what made this country the envy of the world and the greater protector of the peace, until Reagan, then Rove/Bush bastardized religion and patriotism.  
But do you not see that we are a country of freedom OF religion and freedom FROM religion?  How can it ever be possible that 300 million people will all agree to your version of God? Why is it such an offense to believe that our constitution provides your beliefs and my beliefs equally, yet we will never agree on a definition of God.  Why would you want to remove that freedom?  What if some version of Christianity, that you don't agree with, were to become the religion of the land?  Would you not feel that your "rights" had been violated, even though you could pray in the privacy of your home?  
that was meant to be read as "provides protection of your beliefs and my beliefs..."
+lois howe As stated in the treay of Tripoli, 1797:
"As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,—as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims],—and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan [Mohammedan] nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries."
It would be really cool if I could watch the video on my android! This is "GOOGLE +", not PC + or Apple +. Post stuff we can actually watch! :-D
People. Stop arguing like conservatives are the problem, or liberals are the problem. The problem is that people like you can't stop arguing like one party's the problem. Congress isn't doing anything cuz they can't come to a stupid compromise. Why can everyone realize that the answers not in a single party, it's in the good of both parties combining and making decisions on that
+Joshua Mays Precisely. The fact that Obama has done zip to prosecute Wall Street for the worst crash since The Great Depression, and the other fact that Treasury approved the obscene CEO bonuses of the bailed out companies is pretty good circumstantial evidence that there is no substantive difference between the two parties.

But amplifying the minor philosophical differences "representative" of the two major parties is what makes "news" that is the vehicle to sell commercials on TV, and keep the Amercan people blind to the fact that they now act no differently.
+Timothy W I completely agree. This needless amplification is also a way for politicians to appear self-righteous while implementing their desire to argue...our political system really needs to change.
hopefully with you giving up and trolling elsewhere...
+lois howe hey man you cant argue with a liberals.They have no morals and a since of power that they want that they cannot have,and most of all they all seem to have a Asian or hespanic background.So more than likely they or their families has never sacrificed a drop of blood for this country and the rest of them are followers of Karl Marx   lol
+James Dailey see this is why I hate conservatives. (even though I am one, partially) Several conservative policies and beliefs are based out of generalization. (like the one you just made) You assume that most poor people on welfare and are evilly trying to beat the system. This generalization in particular is offensive to me. I am partially liberal, and am a Christian with very strong morals and i strongly disagree with marxism. I have no such desire for power. I have no documented Asian or Hispanic background. One of my grandfathers was a member of the navy (and did shed a lot of blood for our country), and the other was a member of the state department. I am literally the opposite of that generalization you made. I'm tired of being judged by you conservatives for what I believe.
Lois, hate to have to point this out to you, since you are so conservative with your critical thinking skills, but G Dumbia was a 2 term pres that dragged us into this sinkhole we have been stuck in , and President Obama is doing what he can to fix it , in spite of the GOP and the biblical dogma of the third right (as the GOP keeps dancing to it's goose stepping ways)...
As far as Fox "news"(lmfao, news, yeah right...farrr reich) are absolutely correct, when you say they have a right to say what ever they like, regardless of whether or not there is any(doubtful) truth(like they know what that is) to the words...but Lois, may I suggest you get yourself a dictionary, or at the very least, some classes on spelling and grammar...your conservative critical thinking skills keep showing through...
ratings do not equate to quality programming...mob wives gets good ratings too, but they are not a news show, and neither is fox "news"...But your dream of what your Merca should or could be is what my nightmare of America is, should the GOP Reich ever get complete control, because then it will be just another day to "praise the lord and pass the ammunition"...
+Destree Doxtater He most certainly was, because on the 7th day God rested and on the 8th he created the American Constitution. ;)
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