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Nation! New episodes of The Colbert Report return Monday, November 26th.

► Tune in all week for highlights from the election 2012 season! Today, we look back at Romney's VP decision:
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Seems Jon and Stephen are always on vacation.
This is the America I swore an oath to?
I guess we will never know what policies they had to save the county. Maybe in 2016 Ryan will run and tell us that if we elect him he will share what he had in mind from 2012.
Joe S
you guys take more vacations than congress!   ...just sayin'.
Isn't that what Faux snooze for?
Fox News?
never heard of them?
I didn't know that so many people were forced to watch the Colbert Report. Where are they.. Gitmo?
Romney is getting picked on by liberals, it almost makes me feel Romney is our president!
Oscar Morzan we are all getting picked on.
Why yes, +Weller Peter , it is. Are you aware of another America we dont know about? Or more likely you were disillusioned into thinking the pocket of America in which you lived was a reality for the whole nation. Now youre mad because you had to find out the hard way that there are many people with many different lifestyles in this country, and they were represented. So reality isnt what you thought, but whose fault is that? Ours or the people who built your fantasy?
WTF As it so happens I always live in my own little world Frank.
And let me clue you in, it is not all peaches and cream here.
If I appear to be mad to you might I suggest that you are only projecting your own hatred for your miserable excuse of a life.
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