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"It's 2013. Suck it Mayans!" -- Stephen Colbert 
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Bill O'Reilly screwed Jerry Falwell's mother in an outhouse.
Mitt Romney was a CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT. <---!
Stephen WASN'T?!
MTV is STILL on the air. be the end of the world alright.
in ontario canada we don't get stewart or colbert nation website at all ? !! and just lately now i can't even get them through ANY players . not happy.
Did you know they had electricity? 

I'm European and I watch American current events shows, so what's the problem?
Or maybe your own banking crisis created ripples that were felt all over the world and affected many people's lives, including my own. And maybe some of these people, myself included, would be very interesting to see how quickly the American economy will recover and how soon would the effects be felt in our own countries. 

And that's no laughing matter, even if Colbert is very funny.
Hi +Logan Wood , in Canada we get mostly US based TV shows and most comedies are just not funny.  I actually prefer UK based TV shows, they are very funny.  The only exception seems to be +The Colbert Report . Stephen's straight faced delivery of jokes is wicked funny.
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