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"Yes a nor'easter -- a storm so powerful, it can wipe out a region's supply of 'T's and 'H's. I am afraid that this new storm could hurt Romney's momentum. " -- Stephen Colbert
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Just when you think magic and superstitious thinking are gone, you are reminded otherwise.
^ +Judith Hedger Do you really know how fucking ignorant you sound? Read a book you fucking moron.
Oh S'epen Colber, you have captured my heart.
+Judith Hedger Your judgement and association are worse than garbage so far. Have you consider that people are entitled to vote for whoever they want and that doesn't mean they are worse than others?
yes i have, but people are also entitled to an opinion too, and that just my opinion.
You know... I think it's alright. I'm sure +Judith Hedger would have trouble sleeping at night if she didn't have her ignorance to comfort her. Let's just get on with our day ;).
i don't wish ill on anyone, i would never wish ill on anyone, i'm just stating my opinion, Judith.
karma? whats that have to do with anything, and what exactly is karma any way?
um..... ouch, emotionally hurting, now the drama part is right, and i know drama because i'm 17 and live in a house with only 2 men and 6 or 7 females. most of which are teenagers.
I suspect that somehow +Judith Hedger made a faux pas and things are going from bad to worse because some of us don't understand her...
Or am I being too understanding?
I think she didn't mean it...
Yes, that would be the joke. That it's not funny makes it a faux pas.
So you're saying her comment could have been funny... That's interesting.
+Judith Hedger leave the commenting to the adults and go play in your crib. +Angie Stewart after capturing, he sings them to bed at night. Your heart's in good hands. 
+Judith Hedger You might want to check out what the GOP is saying about why Mittens lost.
They are blaming Sandy for "breaking his momentum" and so allowing Obama to win.
So would that mean that God, or Karma, wanted to keep Romney out of office? 
(Me, I don't think Mittens had any momentum in any case, since most non-GOP polling indicated exactly the result we got all along.)
+Judith Hedger maybe if you didn't state such idiotic things I wouldn't use such crude language. I'm tired of ignorant people and their stupid remarks. If you don't want people to be harsh with you then shut the fuck up.
Mr Colbert has quite a following of 13-15 year olds
when you know how big of a joke you are: when someone else realizes it
Wow +Judith Hedger, that was the most ignorant, selfish, anti-social and poorly worded political opinion I have read in a long while. Thank you for the additional comedy!
you have the right to remain burned!!!
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