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"I am the clear first choice here, folks. First of all, the good people over at Public Policy Polling public policy polled South Carolinians today and found that of the possible replacements, I top South Carolina voters' wish list with 20% supporting me. 20% -- that's like half." -- Stephen Colbert
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Jenny Sanford's ahead of Mark! Which begs the question: who want's ol' hiking the Appalachian Trail Sanford as Senator?
I'm from Chicago. I absolutely will vote for you Mr. Hon. Stephen Colbert. As many times as I can.
Maybe I would move back to Charleston....
Well, can't beat Tosh on TV so he probably should try something else.
Stephen, for the love of God, PLEASE, run! You would win handily. If Al Franken could do it, so could you. Imagine doing Better Know A District... with yourself!
He's not talking about running...he wants it handed to him by the governor.
Colbert can't be any worse than DeMint, storm Thurmond, or Jesse helms were.
I'd vot fer ya.  The other clowns aren't nearly as funny as you.  And there's a rumour you can tie your own shoelaces, too.
He's overqualified for the position. 
He is far more qualified than most of the people in there anyway!
All right Stevie Colbert! Way to go, don't lose your lead
If u could pull that off u would be my hero...the biggest political joke ever it speak volumes on politics
Yeah, I definitely see another ass who laughs at America going to Washington.
Colbert as the Republican senator from SC would be priceless.  
I'm from there--a real comedian could do a better job than all the rank amateurs they keep sending to DC (looking at YOU, Graham!)!
Steve, you have to run with different names that actually are you so that you get the rest of the percentages and therefore win.
Stephen would make a great representative but he is clearly too bright to be allowed into that organization.  
The only reason i would live in SC is to vote for him. I wish it were actually a possibility for him to become a represenative
He's so smart, he'd hate it in Washington.  He'd be the smartest kid in the room.  It would be brilliant though.  I'd love to see him arguing to raise taxes on people who've won an Emmy.  He'd do it too.  They've snubbed him plenty.  Those bastards!!! 
When I first watched the Colbert Report, laughed like crazy. Vote Stephen for 2016.
Dear Mr. Colbert,
Please be my math tutor.
Someone must have outbribed Colbert at the last second... he's no longer the winning bidder for the senate seat auction.
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