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"A new poll says that Fox News is both the most trusted and least trusted news network. See, they do report both sides of the story." -- Stephen Colbert

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most of fox news hosts help obama.
Fox News is a propaganda machine. They tell their audience what they want to hear, not what they need to hear
Why is this under What's hot and trending when there is only 39 pluses and four five comments.  Com'n google. 
Every single journalistic news channel is a propaganda machine.  Every news story is bent to whatever side of the coin they prefer.
On the other hand, their Hateful & Racists propaganda help Obama win. Americans don't believe them anymore. They wise up.
+Matt Gross  Gross, Maybe they track how many clicks? I wonder the same thing when I see all those pukey-lovey posts that are "trending".
Muting "What's Hot" is the best way to never see in your G+ stream the pages you don't have in your circles.
There is a difference between being bias, which all news is, and being an outright propaganda machine like Fox that fabricates and twists facts and lies everyday. 
Of course they are trusted. And so is my used car salesman! :-)
Only News. I trust and watch
FOX is almost as bad as MSNBC/NBC.....not quite but close
+Larry Braddy Fox News and FACTS are stranges. They're propaganda bullshit! And yes, MSNBC does tell the truth.
Fox News is a reality show network, so I don't watch the other shows that pass off as reality shows.
MSNBC/NBC have been caught several times (just this last year) editing clips to serve their personal agendas. As far as Corporate News goes...NONE are completely honest with you. If you don't already know this then tune back in to Comedy Central where Colbert and Stewart pushed you to vote Obama and now they have bigger TAX cuts while EVERYBODY else's went up...This would be funny if it wasn't so sad
Colbert and Stewart didn't "push" me to vote for POTUS #44.
Karl Rove's Republican Math that he did/does to make himself feel better sure as hell didn't make Mitt look like someone I could ever vote for, especially when McCain's camp already produced a 100 page report on reasons for not to vote for Mitt in 2008.
I have faith that one day Americans will learn the difference between bad politics and common sense....
+Larry Braddy is so mad. It's almost like he is out of deep fried insulin. Poor Larry is a very angry clueless man. Cool your blood pressure buddy. Keep watching your brilliant Fox news and any other form of shit media you choose. I found it interesting that you lump everyone who dislikes Fox as some sort of Obama loving lefty. You forgot that intelligent people also hate it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to blame Bush but, I would rather blame people like you. You are the type of numb skull that this countries government feeds off of. Keep up your delusions +Larry Braddy . Lord knows the government needs people like you to keep the puppet show rolling. Good thing there is over 9, 000 of you.
I like Fox news  and don't care what their ratings are .. The omissions on mainstream news are so blatant that they are annoying to watch most of their news people ,The good ones have left or retired and the new ones are scared to ask hard questions  
+Joe Edwards And unlike conservatives, progressives have brains, no one pushes us into anything.
+Tina Vigilante Bobby has to fight GOP's new salvador Marco Rubio to call shotgun in who'll drive the GOP clown car primary in 2016!!  LOLMAO!
He's as brilliant as Stewart...can't get enough of him
+Sabeena LoBello Like I said before, Rubio looks like a spoiled brat smart ass kid to me, another one who thinks he can be prez! Hahaha!
You know, there is a way for the GOP to turn it around. It's such a powerfully great idea, I am almost afraid to let anyone know what it is.

But I will tell you guys if you don't let the Republicans in on it.

Okay, the GOP should totally forget about ever winning the White House again. Instead, they should get all of their billionaire donors to donate huge amounts of money and buy the congressional and senatorial elections in all of the 50 states. That way they can continue to fuck up the Democrat agenda and the president can continue blaming Congress for doing nothing.
+Larry Braddy You mad bro? Seems funny for a man that cares so little to have to comment not only once, but twice. Keep up your lack of caring! I love watching you try to squirm your way out of this one. The fact that you reply with pretending that this thread and post ment nothing to you only makes you more of a joke then your last comment. Keep up the good work big guy. Please don't disappoint us by not responding with more of your brilliance.
+Tina Vigilante kinda like our current prez?  spoiled, untouchable, tyrannical...  If all your judgement is based off of looks, then you're a pretty sad individual
What "new poll" is mr. Colbert sourcing from?  Interesting that the statement isn't "News" poll, but new...  What poll?  Sources anyone?
Thankfully Al Jazeera is coming! Say what you may about it sounding different, FOX and MSNBC are obviously biased. Al Jazeera has at least been winning awards consistently for their reporting.
+Blackest Sabbath They are all safe and sound in their underground bunkers, where they are wagging their tiny fists at the "tyrannical" gubmint.
Childish name calling does NOT push me into anyone's (Progressive) point of view, but limit's the credibility of the message you portray.  
+Guy Ralstin You wouldn't know what a tyrant was if one came up and bit you on the ass. President Obama is a gentleman and willing to work with those Motherf**king Rethuglicans, but all they want is to destroy him. Bitches.
+Guy Ralstin  , The Colbert Report... it's a COMEDY show, on the COMEDY channel. Unlike FOX NEWS channel which really is supposed to be real news, the COMEDY channel is funny, satirical, laughable. Unfortunately, so is FOX.
Blacky Sabbath - Thanks - I guess.  for the source that is.  And chill out there dude.  No need to use Jesus' name to get my attention.
That's odd. Name calling the President limit's (sic) credibility of hypocrites getting their briefs in a knot.
Stupid trolls on here. Show your stupidity. 
You lose you're [sic] credence when you add nothing of substance and simply regurgitate the laughing stock GOP points, +Patrick Baska, including "Fox is most watched network". Of course it is. I also watch it but for shits n' grin.
Even Paul Davis Ryan admitted that that POTUS #44 won fair and square, so you stop cawing such pot of malarkey about why Mitt really lost, young padawan.
+Blackest Sabbath Patty Poo is obviously doing Republican Math to make himself feel better because Cliff's Notes are hard!
If his "stupid party" pays no heed to what McCain's 2008 advisor Steve Schmidt said and keeps spreading the same pile of elephant dung as he is here, more states will go blue in 2014 and 2016.
+Patrick Baska  Lots of people watch FOX News. A good number are
progressives who watch it for shits and giggles. What is sad is the fact that most of the right wingers who watch it think they are getting real news. The Daily Show and Colbert Report, two comedy show on a comedy network have consistently scored higher than FOX in polls and surveys that ask which is the respondent's favorite news source. Now that is sad because FOX calls itself  a fair and balanced news source, but most discerning Americans don't believe they are. 

BTW, surveys show loyal FOX News viewers who use that network for their sole source of news are the least informed Americans.
+Jeff Brailey Yes! I watch Faux News for less than 10 minutes at a time, a friend told me their ratings increase after that. Just want to see what the Nazi network is up to.
+Tina Vigilante I guess they have to thank me for their ratings because I watch several of their segments in the evening. That's how I know the Borg collective neoclown drones are copying and pasting, on G+, verbatim what they heard, except they're not too coherent because they remember only partial blah blahs.
+Steve Hernandez Your thinking of cnn who is Obummers propaganda machine
+billy routh CNN has gotten more conservative recently. If you think CNN is bias towards Obama, you have a problem. 
+Tina Vigilante That reminds me how the Billy Bobs didn't know Candy Crowley is a Republican and GWB's cousin, when they're throwing pussy fits at her after she corrected the twit from Kolob.
+Sabeena LoBello Just got another call on my cell from a Rethuglican super pac, called em back and told em never to call me again! Had to choose the option for donations or never would have gotten thro, threatened them with an harrasment lawsuit, and they told me they would put me on their do not call list. I said you better! Getting so many calls such as this!
+Graden Guynn: Uh-huh. And the earth is flat, 5000 years old, and the center of the universe.

Faux News: Fare for the Unbalanced, indeed.
I watch CNN and FOX news for honest reporting
And why does a secular nation even had a prayer breakfast?
+Tina Vigilante It's no wonder the "stupid party" has no prominent leadership and its ankle biters are grasping at straws.
wow, is this anti american pod cast? wow, I guess I will be deleting this section
Most trusted among morons and dipshits. Unsurprisingly.
Since cops are now confident Christopher Dorner is no longer in the Big Bear area, they should next see if he has assumed the identity of professional dickwad Rick Ross. This should be easy to do - simply ask Ross to do a rap, and if it turns out to be anything other than a festering pile of shit, it's a sure thing Rick Ross is dead and Christopher Dorner has assumed his identity - making it easy to arrest him. It was very likely easy for Christopher Dorner to lure Rick Ross into a cabin, where his body is now hidden, with a box of Hostess Twinkies (rancid from being on EBay for months or not).
As opposed to msnbc.... Least watch network 
I love fox and friends !!!
Fox is's news for people who want to believe the world is coming to a end...bunch of wack jobs 
The election is over +Graden Guynn . Liberals ruled. Cry babies!  You lost. Get on with your miserable lives.
He is so hilarious. but this is ridiculous. The only reason I watch fox is for entertainment purposes. They are the fakest news show since....The Colbert Report (which I love by the way). Jon Stewart is my first love though.
There was an actual lawsuit involving FOX over presenting fake news. The court ruled in favor of FOX indicating they have no obligation to broadcast the truth and they have a right to lie. Just google "fox news right to lie" and you'll find it. It's amazing how the source people think is "news" is actually bunch of blatant lies.
Fair and Balanced?  Hilarious!  Its nothing but a Right Wing Propaganda Machine aimed at an Ignorant Audience!
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