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"Jimmy, put up Romney's default expression. See, that's nice. It reminds me of a benevolent angel watching me shower." -- Stephen Colbert
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Colbert/Stewart 2012
Mitt's got that "Please pass the toilet paper, Stephen" look, hope he was wearing his Depends under "everything"...!!!
he's too intelligent to have to put up with a running mate such as obama!
voting for Obama is like shooting yourself in the one foot
voting for Romney is like shooting yourself in the other foot

Either way you're shooting yourself in the foot.
We take him serious because there is a chance Mitt Mormon can become president. Money can buy this presidency. Although I cringe whenever I think Mitt can become president and there is also an unexplained loss of sexual appetite. 
It reminds me of the expression of someone trying to lure you into a windowless van.
I see a shark planning his attack. Dead eyes, no soul.
i found that the transcripts on these debates does not include ALL THE WORDS SPOKEN~AND FAILED TO INCLUDE PARTIAL WORDS, BUT YOU COULD TELL WHICH WORD WAS INTENDED...
it is a pity that the president can't even obey the rules of the debates and has to resort to constant interruptions to stop romney from speaking,when he doesn't like the subject.
David C
From what I hear Romney was constantly interrupting during the first debate.  It's ok for Romney to do that but not for Obama to do that?  Some double standard.
+Karin Wrape Isn't there a rule in the debate somewhere that says 'thou shalt not lie"? Looks to me Romney decided unilaterally that the rules of the debates don't apply. Maybe the rule in the Book make more  sense to him. Oh wait, it's the same one
Where does he get this stuff?  He's spot-on.  It's the Mona Mitt - you feel that he's leering but you can't quite tell why.
What did you expect from a professional liar. 
To me it looks like the "You pathetic little man" smirk.
y do u kno the xpression of a "benevolent angel watching me in the shower"???
Hello husband where u been? union station out in jersey?
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