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"What are you people doing here? Shouldn't you be out celebrating? Because evidently, you don't listen to anything I say! I've been bringing you the truth for seven years, and how do you repay me? Four more years of hope and change." -- Stephen Colbert 

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The best performer, writers team on late night, perhaps TV entertainment! Stephen is brilliant, generous, informed. Thank you Colbert Report.
The cobert report is the truth
I live in a rep. State they mad.
I want to know what Obama is doing right now today. I hope there's a buttload of cunning plans not a boring pause.
We all Hope that you won't Change, Stephen!
Keep up the good work!
I'm sad and disappoint that people want four more years of what we have had...a Congress that doesn't work together, a President and administration that is leading the American people to a socialist/communist existence, an American economy that is 7th in the world in economy and lack of success, executive orders that are written and signed to totally render the American people helpless while taking away our firearms, our homes, our transportation whether civil or public, etc. etc. etc.  "Four more years of hope and change"? Change but definitely not hope will be what we get.  And more debt and less and less jobs.  What I got from the election results on the national part at least was disappointment and frustration in those who voted to retain Obama in office and keep our country imprisoned in a bigger and bigger mess.
Jan Koelsch, apparently you have listened to the republican right wing base a bit too much... and you learn that it is really you who has become brainwashed and not the way you thought originally .. remember, it was the republican congress that swore to keep Obama from re-election, but now it doesn't matter, we will move forward for the better... Now all we need is a congress ha will work with the president.
It's always amusing when some simp like Jan starts the socialism/communism squeal. I study the truly stupid and I can tell you America has never lost it's lead in that field. Jan is a special case though a zionist dimwit, not a good sign for the zionists.
+Duncan Sinclair Anderson I am afraid it was a Republican “House” not Congress…however it was a Democrat Congress that jammed Obamacare down America’s throat without even reading the Bill.  Nice…. I hope you will enjoy those new TAXES that will soon be implemented.  I also hope the House doesn’t give in to the spending that Democrats love… yep… they just love to rack up the debt now not caring about the future…they have today’s kids to pass it on to.
Ahhh... +Seán O'Nilbud   I see you have to rear your racist head to comment to +Jan Koelsch.  Can't leave it with the Ad hominem attack against her being stupid…you had to throw some ‘race’ into the argument.  Great Job!!  Moron.
+Sarah Putnam Oh...insults are fine...people do it all the time, I just like pointing out racist who claim otherwise...but then again... he didn't claim he wasn't...hmmmm....
What's that you laughable dunce, racism? That would be your speciality not mine. Apologise and be off with you.
It is slightly sad that no one can hear what the non-racist Obama haters have to say.     ....   ^_^
President Obama saved our auto industry.
President Obama saved our financial system.
President Obama, no homeland attacks.
President Obama ended Iraq war.
President Obama winding down Afghan war.
President Obama killed Bin Laden.
President Obama prevented depression.
President Obama provided financial support for unjustly unemployed.
President Obama added more than 1 million NEW jobs.
President Obama provided millions of children with health insurance coverage.
President Obama protected Pell Grants.
the list goes on…

GOP, CoxNooz - obstruct, obfuscate, lie, cheat, more…
do nothing vermin.

Attention pin-heads, also Jan Koelsch,
read David McCullough, Ron Chernow, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Niall Ferguson, Charles C. Mann, Simon Johnson...
Shut the f**k up.
Commiserate with your winy betheren.

But please stay away from us.
Your ignorance is more than we can bear.
Time to shower.
/Waits for the inevitable hate comments to fly at Manuel - thus proving we're still a country of racists.../
amir icana, why don't you take your racist, fear mongering right wing tactics and go away, no one wants to hear you garbage anymore, election is over, get over it and move on... Time to move forward...
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