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What does Stephen have to say about CNN? Check out the Lamestream Media mashup to find out.
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Colbert for President!
I've seen CNN being labeled as liberal by many misinformed Fox viewers even though CNN has conservatives like Erin Burnett and GWB's cousin Candy Crowley.
Media people tend to be educated. Educated people tend to be liberal. The facts also tend to be liberally biased. Add it all up and you do get a slight liberal slant on most news channels. Fox News on the other hand manipulates and invents news with the intent of pushing a conservative agenda. There IS a difference.
Educated, 150 IQ, and conservative. so much for that theory. Judgmental ass.
There are educated Faux Noise "anchors" like the skin barin', twice married Megyn Kelly. She still says dumb things like how pepper spray is essentially a food product.
There are many destitute conservatives living in red states with Republican governors, aka Welfare Queens, who mooch the gubmint that they demonize.
NY and NJ aren't poor just like many northeastern states that are blue.
+Matthew Stone If you were that smart and educated I would think you'd understand what "tend" means. And by the way that it's a "fact" that the more years of education you have the better chances that you are liberal. This doesn't mean that you and your 150 IQ and 50 years of college can't be a conservative. It's just that when you play out the law of averages people with masters degrees and up, a higher percentage of them are liberal.

+Andy Britt People of all socioeconomic statuses are liberal and conservative and that fact that you believe all the poor people are liberal really says something. 

+Rachelle Greene Media people are not just talking heads. It comprises everyone from the top to the bottom of the news organization machines. And no the "guy" at the top does not control everything put on the air. Like you said it goes through layers and layers of people and their own biases do matter even if they don't indend them to.

The point is that individuals that are more liberal than not will tend to give a liberal slant to their coverage even if they aren't trying to. The way Fox News does news is obviously and intenally biased. Degree and intent matter.
"I am not that political"... and it shows. Because the assertion that CNN has 10 to 1 liberals on is a joke. CNN has been trying to be Fox-Lite for years.
What has consistently been the fastest growing industry in the world since the 1960s? Semiconductors. And how conservative is the semiconductor industry? Not very.
+Rachelle Greene Man, getting all personal and shit because I don't believe there is a puppet master controling every program director, writer and newscasters every move all day every day. And the best part is, I would bet we agree on most things. Jeesh. 
OK. Thanks. So you're saying every time David Gregory on Meet the Press asks a follow up question he first checks his talking points, confers with the top leadership and determines that it's OK to proceed. Got it. Obviously if he's out there acting in away that "leadership" vehemently disagrees with he knows there will be a price to pay but I think your perspective on how tightly that iron fist rules is overestimated.
When media already supports the President's ideology it fails as government
Those who practice truly good journalism will always be view by people at Fox as liberal because professional journalists by definition seek out facts, don't interject their own opinions, and don't feel compelled to present all sides of an argument -- specifically when the information from one of those sides is completely irrelevant and just noise from one radical end of the spectrum or the other.
Of all Fox does the best job. Other networks simply ignore major events.
Fox is imperfect, especially in evening entertainment. However it does
watch the government, not applaud it.
+Jonathan Lancaster
 you are sadly misinformed, like all fox viewers... fox IS the government! they push their messed up right wing version of government, they don't keep government in check they try to mislead republican morons into thinking their corporate sellout version of government is actually a good thing. fox is owned and controlled by the republican party, it's only goal is to confuse peoples understanding of government.  fox is total farce and i have no respect for anybody too stupid to see that outright!
D Sharp
Haha silly conservative foot-shooter always with the "kool-aid". Fox News promised David Petraeus they would bankroll and manage his campaign for presidency if he chose to run, and if he didn't, they would expose his afair with Paula Broadwell.
Hmmm, I wonder how that all turned out.... good luck with your criminal misinformation agency. I pity you.
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