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"It's gonna be chaos. You can't have one Vatican with two popes. It's like Gotham with multiple Batmans. You shine the bat signal, all these clowns show up." -- Stephen Colbert

Full episode:
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I watched last night...LMAO...literally...
The problem isn't the number of Popes.  It's the flood of Boy Wonders that we find troubling.
The election of a new leader in China was not on the news as much as the election of a leader of religion that should have no effect on our country or government.
+Bledar H: Your ass "Literally" came off when you laughed? OMG! Did you go to the ER? Does your insurance cover such an event? Please keep us informed in how you are doing, this is shocking! Unless of course, you just don't understand what "Literally" means, in which case I'll point you to The Oatmeal:
+Bledar H: don't get your panties in a bunch, you are commenting on a topic about a satirist and confused the meaning of "more than usual" and "literal", so I pointed you to another satirist that explained the difference. 
+Dan O'Brien  No one asked you to comment my comments or to explain me the meaning of them.
Maybe you are just another looser that lives in mamas basement and doesn't get out much...
Congratulations +Dan O'Brien, You over-reacted to hyperbole in a comment on a topic about a satirist, and then got all bent out of shape and said something about 'a comment on a topic about a satirist'.

Also, the dictionary would like to explain something to you about the continuous evolution of language, and not being a dick on the internet:
+Bledar H, +Geoff Ramsay: Where did I "over-react" or take things personally? I made a tongue-in-cheek reference to another comedian and you are acting like I made personal assaults on someones character. 
+Dan O'Brien  What part of +Geoff Ramsay's comment about posting "a hyperbole" on 'a comment on a topic about a satirist' you don't understand? 
+Bledar H I didn't make the 1st hyperbole, you did: a particularly ironic one since Hyperbole is “literally” the opposite of Literal. I was asking +Geoff Ramsay where he thought I overreacted. You are the one who started bringing mothers into it like a 5 year old. I stopped being 5 over 30years ago – If you can't accept that my 1st comment was in humor and get over it despite me saying so, that's your issue, not mine. 
Yo +Dan O'Brien, chill out - I don't want to play with you guys anymore.
You Internet-Policed Bledar, and then I Internet-Policed you.  We can admit we're both dicks and have a sad together. Then we can pick Internet-Flowers together and promise to be better people going forward.
+Dan O'Brien ...well you mention me too on your reply to Geoff, that's why i replied.
If you want to post a joke make it about the post and not my comment.
AHEM...Stephen. Please do not dishonor the ancient art of clowning by associating them with false popes. Sure clowns can act the fool for you, but it is just a mirroring exercise.
I'm surprised you missed the word 'satan' hidden within the rats full name, or don't you like anagrams?
I'm told the real 'Glory of the Olive' the Lion from Judah, has words like; voice, vicar, Vatican, olivetan call, not an evil call, a love call, vine, i own all land, ancient landlord and many more to spell it out for those not able to see the 'Sign of Jonah'.
"A wise man recognizes, even a fool can recite words of wisdom, but only a fool ignores them."

your humble servant,
ancient clown

p.s. please understand i hold you and mr stewart in the highest regards for more often "Reporting the TRUTH instead of Making the NEWS".
Usually it's the other way around.
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